The last time Tristan Frank was seen was in Balgo in December 2020.The last time Tristan Frank was seen was in Balgo in December 2020.
A young Aboriginal boy named Tristan Frank went missing in the East Kimberley outback almost three years ago. A WA Coroner will start their investigation early next year.

Tristan Frank, who was 14 years old at the time, went missing on December 3, 2020. He had come from the Northern Territory to Balgo to stay with family while his grandparents went west to attend a funeral.

After the girl went missing, police, SES, and people in the area did a large cross-border search using drones and a search-and-rescue plane that was flown in from Canberra.

Reports say that a stop-motion camera was set up in a nearby cave to try to record any appearances by Tristan. However, the search did not yield any new information, so the police had to narrow their efforts.

At the time, East Kimberley Insp. Pete Jenal said, “That doesn’t mean we’re not still looking for him.”

“We look into a lot of the search patterns again and talk to the people who last saw him.”

“It seems like these things never go away.” We slow down a bit, but we still look for him and will keep looking until we find him.

Family members of the teenage boy think that spirits may have taken him and hidden him in the Tanami Desert. In 2021, they asked a traditional healer called a “maban” to talk to the spirits.

The hearing for the coroner into Tristan’s death is set for January 12, 2024.

Tristan is said to be 160 cm tall, have a slim build, dark brown hair, and dark eyes.

Anyone who knows where Tristan is should call 1800 333 000 or go to and give them information.

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