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When you carry out research, you need to have a clear concept of what you desire to attain as well as exactly how to complete it. An excellent research design allows you to gather exact as well as reputable information to draw legitimate verdicts.

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In this article, we’ll lay out the crucial functions of the four usual types of research design with real-life instances from UnderArmor, Carmex, as well as a lot more. Then, you can quickly pick the appropriate method for your job.

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Research design includes selecting the appropriate method, choosing one of the most ideal information collection approaches, as well as developing a strategy (or structure) for assessing the information. In short, an excellent research design aids us to framework our research.

Marketers utilize various types of research design when performing research.

There are four usual types of research design– detailed, correlational, speculative, as well as analysis layouts. Let’s have a look at each in even more information.

The Four Types of Research Design

Researchers utilize various layouts to complete various research goals. Here, we’ll go over exactly how to pick the appropriate kind, the advantages of each, as well as utilize situations.

Research can likewise be identified as measurable or qualitative at a greater degree. Some experiments display both qualitative as well as measurable qualities.


An speculative design is utilized when the scientist desires to check out exactly how variables connect with each various other. The scientist controls one variable (the independent variable) as well as observes the impact on an additional variable (the reliant variable).

In various other words, the scientist desires to examination a causal connection in between 2 or even more variables.

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In advertising, an instance of speculative research would certainly be contrasting the impacts of a tv business versus an on-line promotion carried out in a regulated atmosphere (e.g. a laboratory). The purpose of the research is to examination which promotion obtains even more interest amongst individuals of various age, sex, and so on

Another instance is a research study of the impact of songs on performance. A scientist appoints individuals to one of 2 teams– those that pay attention to songs while functioning as well as those that do not– as well as determine their performance.

The primary advantage of a speculative design is that it enables the scientist to draw causal connections in between variables.

One restriction: This research needs a large amount of control over the atmosphere as well as individuals, making it challenging to reproduce in the real life. In enhancement, it’s rather expensive.

Best for: Testing a cause-and-effect connection (i.e., the impact of an independent variable on a reliant variable).


A correlational design analyzes the connection in between 2 or even more variables without interfering while doing so.

Correlational design enables the expert to observe all-natural connections in between variables. This leads to information being a lot more reflective of real-world circumstances.

For instance, online marketers can utilize correlational design to check out the connection in between brand name commitment as well as consumer contentment. In specific, the scientist would certainly search for patterns or fads in the information to see if there is a connection in between these 2 entities.

Similarly, you can research the connection in between exercise as well as psychological wellness. The expert right here would certainly ask individuals to full studies concerning their exercise degrees as well as psychological wellness condition. Data would certainly demonstrate how both variables relate.

Best for: Understanding the degree to which 2 or even more variables are related to each various other in the real life.


Descriptive research refers to an organized procedure of observing as well as defining what a topic does without affecting them.

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Methods consist of studies, meetings, study, as well as monitorings. Descriptive research objectives to collect an extensive understanding of a sensation as well as responses when/what/where.

SaaS firms utilize detailed design to recognize exactly how consumers connect with certain functions. Findings can be utilized to place patterns as well as obstructions.

For circumstances, item supervisors can utilize display recordings by Hotjar to observe in-app individual actions. This means, the group can exactly recognize what is taking place at a specific phase of the individual trip as well as act appropriately.

Brand24, a social paying attention device, tripled its sign-up conversion price from 2.56% to 7.42%, many thanks to finding rubbing factors in the sign-up kind via display recordings.

different types of research design: descriptive research example.

Image Source

Best for: Gathering honest information that discloses habits or reoccuring sensations.


Diagnostic research figures out the source of a trouble as well as discovers one of the most reliable remedy. It’s frequently utilized in advertising to recognize locations of enhancement or possible chances for development.

The analysis research design is composed of 3 actions:

  • Inception, that includes information collection as well as trouble meaning.
  • Diagnostics, which makes up information evaluation, theory screening, as well as establishing goals.
  • Solutions, which specify the very best feasible remedy.

In item groups, an analysis design would certainly entail assessing consumer comments as well as evaluations to recognize locations where a firm can enhance. This would certainly aid recognize where an item offering demands to adjustment– rates, missing out on functions, client service, and so on

Diagnostic research offers an exact medical diagnosis of a trouble as well as recognizes locations of enhancement.

Best for: Understanding the underlying reasons of a trouble as well as exactly how to address it.

Research Design Examples

Let’s discover exactly how top brand names use various types of research design. In most situations, firms integrate a number of approaches to get to an extensive review of a trouble as well as locate a remedy.


types of research design: UnderArmour

Image Source

UnderArmour increased its market share amongst running footwear by referring to analysis as well as detailed research.

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The group intended to design a development item by regularly boosting their footwear in feedback to professional athletes’ real-time comments. To do so, the business delivered cost-free footwear to over 10,000 professional athletes. Using Qualtrics, the business checked individuals for their comments.

Then, with all of the understandings collected, the group repeated their design. Thus, the UA HOVR ™ supported running footwear was birthed.

The resulting item obtained a 2019 Runner’s World Recommendation Award.

Pro idea: Use detailed research design to dressmaker your item to the consumers’ demands by observing their all-natural actions as well as resolving the comments.


research design examples, Carmex Labs qualitative tech-enabled research

Image Source

Carmex Labs collaborated with research business MRR to action consumers’ responses to the lip-care business’s product packaging as well as item The objective was to locate the reason of reduced sales in a recently introduced market.

The group regulated an online, on-line emphasis team. Participants were revealed w item examples, while AI as well as NLP all-natural language handling determined crucial styles in consumer comments.

This assisted reveal crucial factors for inadequate efficiency as well as led modifications in product packaging.


research design example, tweezerman

Image Source

An elegance brand name Tweezerman transformed to detailed research design to track its brand name wellness as well as verify item concepts.

Tweezerman made use of SurveyMonkey Audience to gather measurable customer comments as well as notify its worldwide company approach. This method assisted Tweezerland verify 10 out of 50 items as well as obtain an extensive understanding of their target market.

Remember: To conduct marketing research, all you need is to launch a straightforward study with the appropriate targeting.

Getting Started with Research Design

Research design is your plan to response concerns via accumulating information. When done right, it provides granular info on a problem as well as notifies company choices.

To beginning, draw up your concerns, specify your trouble, as well as believe of what information you desire to obtain consequently. Then, pick the appropriate research design technique.

Now you’re prepared!

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