The 15-year-old Ocala, Florida resident Seath Jackson was brutally mu*rdered by his peers in April 2011. The boy’s ex-girlfriend Amber Wright persuaded him to go to a mobile home, where a gang of young people ki*lled him.

The most significant individuals in this tragic incident were Charlie Ely, Justin Soto, Kyle Hooper, Michael Bargo, and Amber Wright. James Havens, Amber Wright’s mother’s ex-boyfriend, also had a significant influence.


On February 3, 1996, Seath Jackson was born in Belleview, Florida. He attended High School at Belleview. His dream was to compete in the UFC.

When Seath Jackson suspected that Amber Wright was having an extramarital affair with Michael Bargo in March 2011, he ended their relationship amicably. Bargo, on the other hand, believed that Jackson had injured Wright, which is why he detested Jackson so much.

The Plot and Mu*rder

Because he believed Amber Wright was having an extramarital affair with Michael Bargo, who was eighteen, Seath Jackson ended their relationship in March 2011.

Following their split, Jackson and Bargo became extremely irate with one another, and there were fights and inappropriate behaviour on social media. Bargo actually threatened Jackson once, overhearing him to say, “I have a bullet with your name on it.”

As the boys’ differences grew, in early April 2011, Bargo and his 16-year-old friend Kyle Hooper attempted to scare Jackson and his friend away by shooting them while they were fighting at a mutual friend Charlie Ely’s house. Bargo informed Hooper on April 17, 2011, that he had to kil*l Jackson. They began plotting the mur*der with Amber Wright, Charlie Ely, 18, and 20-year-old Justin Soto.

Wright intended to use Jackson’s desire to “work things out” as a pretext to convince him to go to Ely’s house. Jackson was ambushed by the group as soon as he arrived, and Bargo shot him.

Though injured, Jackson managed to escape, but Soto apprehended him, gave him a beating, and then Bargo fired another shot. Jackson was then carried by his assailants back into the house, where Bargo fatally shot him multiple times, the last blow being to the face.

Subsequently, Bargo and Soto placed Jackson’s lifeless body inside a sleeping bag and tossed it into an already blazing fire pit. The bodies were then placed in paint buckets and transported to a distant, water-filled rock quarry.

This horrible crime was soon brought to light. Hooper told his mother what he had done on the day of the mu*rder after learning about Jackson’s disappearance from the news.

The remainder of the group was apprehended and charged shortly after. Bargo fled the town after the mur*der, but he was eventually apprehended. Search warrants were utilised by investigators to locate the mur*der weapon and ammunition concealed inside Ely’s caravan. Along with the buckets containing Jackson’s body in the quarry, they also discovered burned human remains in the fire pit.

Legal Proceedings and Sentencing

Every participant in Jackson’s mur*der faced a separate adult trial. The DNA evidence and the defendants’ own statements contributed to their conviction. All of the defendants received life sentences, with the exception of Havens.

In 2018, Havens was sentenced after he later acknowledged being an accomplice. Michael Bargo is the youngest inmate on Florida’s death row after receiving a death sentence. After filing an appeal, Bargo was given a new sentence, and the jury unanimously decided that he should be executed.

Recent Updates

Michael Bargo is being held at Union Correctional Institution as of 2023. The Florida Supreme Court turned down his appeal. In it, he said that the judge should have taken into account his mental problems as mitigating factors. Bargo is still on death row because his death sentence was upheld.

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