In 2020, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that Alberto Garcia is ineligible to be spared execution, ruling the court did not err in their sentence, but instead, that death is a proportionate sentence to the crime, exhausting any further potential appeals.

(Okay. So let’s do this then. Make it public and I’ll buy popcorn for everyone. Make some money and offer the execution as a PPV. Watch how fast we buy it.)

Garcia horrifically (vaginally and anally) rap*ed and murd*ered 5-year-old J’Anaya Thompson, then helped family members look for the missing girl after they visited his house searching for her.

Around 50 feet away, police found her body hanging by her neck with a pair of socks from a window crank. The caravan was full of rats. At her home the day after she disappeared, about 12 hours after the search for the girl began in earnest.

Some facts about the case are very shocking.

On July 16, 2014, J’anaya was last seen at her home in Gulfport, MS. Right away, her mother and other family members looked for J’Anaya in the area, starting at the apartment complex where they lived.

After J’Anaya went missing, her family came to Garcia’s door and asked if he had seen the little girl. He told the family that he hadn’t seen the girl by looking them in the eyes.

After about 12 hours, the police began looking for her. Garcia was one of the neighbours who helped with the search, even though he knew he had just brutally rap*ed and kil*led the sweet baby girl.

Police Find J’Anaya’s Body

Police found J’Anaya’s body inside of a trailer during the search. During Garcia’s pre-trial hearing, Gulfport Police Detective Samuel Jewell stated

‘She was hung with what we know now as two pairs of socks and that was attached to a metal bar in a small window attached to above the tub. She was suspended.’

Police Talk to Garcia

After finding J’anaya’s body, police went to Garcia’s house. When they told him they had found the girl’s body, he said, “Hey, my fingerprints might be in that caravan where the body was found.” He then said that he had broken into the caravan a few days before and probably left his prints there.

He was arrested on burglary charges, but he kept talking to the police. He said that he passed out the night J’anya went missing, but he remembered smelling poop on himself and wasn’t sure why. He took a shower and cleaned up. When the police asked him about the evidence that pointed to him as the ki*ller, he asked for a lawyer.

Garcia Charged With J’anaya’s Mu*rder

Garcia was charged with se*xual assault and mu*rder of J’Anya by the police.

Once more, after five days, Garcia sent a note to detectives saying that he wanted to talk to them. Garcia said that he k*illed J’Anaya Thompson the day before his pre-trial hearing was to start. Garcia admitted to ki*lling the people so that his mother wouldn’t have to see and hear the evidence against him in court.

That DNA on J’Anaya’s body matched Garcia’s, and there were more than 100 other pieces of evidence that linked him to the mu*rder. He was quickly found guilty and given the death penalty.

Last Execution in 2012

Since 2012, Mississippi has not put anyone on death row to death. This year, the state put six people to death:

  • Edwin Hart Turner
  • Larry Matthew Puckett
  • William Gerald Mitchell
  • Henry Curtis Jackson
  • Jan Michael Brawner
  • Gary Carl Simmons Jr.

It’s been nine years since the execution of a k*iller who was found guilty. State of Mississippi, let’s start putting Alberto Garcia to death right away!! For the safety and well-being of children all over the world and in Mississippi, make it public.

To your family: This was written to remember J’Anya. I’m so sorry for your loss. When I look at the pictures of the mother, I can feel her pain.

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