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Whirlpool Corporation as well as KitchenAid remembered its preferred stand mixers as a result of “extreme amounts of lead.”

In January 2023, we got visitor mail that inquired about a supposed recall of KitchenAid stand mixers, obviously as a result of lead problems related to “white paddles and hook attachments.” This rumor showed up to stem, a minimum of partly, from blog sites.

Here’s what we understand: We’ve located no proof that Whirlpool Corporation, which possesses the KitchenAid brand name, has actually provided any kind of recalls of the mixers as a result of lead or anything else in all. From every little thing we can collect, no present recalls, current recalls, or top quality efforts existed for the item.

In regards to KitchenAid mixers consisting of lead, we located that the business had actually referred client problems on social networks in the months as well as years before this present conflict. All of this information is recorded listed below, as is a listing of concerns we sent out to the business.

Recall Rumor

As visitors are no question mindful, one area that a great deal of reports spread out, this consisted of, gets on social networks.

One Facebook article fromJan 22 showed up to report the information of a lead recall for KitchenAid mixers. As ofJan 24, it had greater than 30,000 shares, which maybe indicated that it had actually been seen by a minimum of thousands of hundreds of individuals.

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A false rumor said there was a KitchenAid recall for its mixers due to lead concerns on attachments.There was no recall.

Here’s what the article wrongly asserted regarding there being a recall for the stand mixers:


INTEREST: Anyone that has a Kitchenaid Mixer with a white paddle as well as hook add-ons. Stop utilizing it quickly! It has severe quantities of lead!! The Stainless Steel is ok. You can call the Kitchen Aid number as well as they will certainly change it with a steel ones free of charge. 1-800-541-6390 or 1-800-474-8007. I did it it was extremely very easy! Give them the code on your mixer as well as they change them. The calls takes much less after that 5 mins!

Bear in mind that this solitary article was simply among a relatively countless variety of others, several of which additionally each had hundreds of shares.

In various other words, this rumor was spreading out like wildfire, regardless of there being no proof or resources consisted of with the articles.

As can be seen on the Whirlpool Corporation web site, no present or current recall existed for KitchenAid mixers.

Lead Rumor

In January 2023, individuals that asked the business regarding the rumor of lead in its mixers got a short reaction from KitchenAid client assistance.

On the business’s social networks web pages, as well as obviously additionally over the phone, clients were informed the following:

Throughout our 111-year background, Whirlpool Corporation has actually been devoted to supplying secure items for our customers.

The business’s light weight aluminum alloy stand mixer devices, consisting of beaters, dough hooks, as well as whisks, are examined via a third-party, independent lab to guarantee they abide by all relevant laws in the areas where they are offered relating to lead material. They are secure for any kind of household’s food preparation demands.

In enhancement, all present designs of light weight aluminum stand mixer devices have a food-safe layer over the light weight aluminum that is examined both for lead material as well as lead movement to make sure that it is secure for all customers.

Here’s an instance of exactly how the business was reacting on Twitter with a picture which contained the declaration:

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A a little various declaration was shown to a consumer back in November 2022.

In this instance, the declaration discussed California’s Proposition 65, which the business additionally discussed on its web site

Note: The lengthy name for Prop 65 is the Safe Drinking Water as well as Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986

Here’s the declaration, which we have actually incorporated right into one paragraph after it was initially expanded right into 3 tweets:

Proposition 65 calls for cautioning tags on any kind of item that might include or create any one of the 600-plus aspects that the California Air Resources Board takes into consideration cancer causing or a reproductive toxicant. These aspects consist of lead (included in the solder made use of to affix digital components to the published circuit card), brass, PVC as well as a plethora of various other daily aspects as well as gas items melt gas (gas or lp) which contain trace degrees of chemicals on the checklist. This checklist additionally has a large range of normally happening as well as artificial chemicals, consisting of usual house items, foods, medications, dyes as well as solvents.

Additionally, back in November 2020, the business reacted to a male that asked, “Do you have stand mixers that are lead-free?”

In their solution, KitchenAid client assistance reacted with, “Unfortunately, we do not, the stand mixers have lead (contained in the solder used to attach electronic parts to the printed circuit boards).”

Our Questions to KitchenAid

By e-mail, we called MSL Group, the general public connections company for KitchenAid items. We presented a collection of concerns.

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For instance, we asked about the false rumor of an introduced recall of KitchenAid mixers. We additionally inquired about the supposed threats of the item apparently consisting of harmful quantities of lead.

As of 4 hrs after our e-mail was sent out, we had actually not yet gotten an action. However, we will certainly make sure to upgrade this post if solutions get here.


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