Can*nibalism is the act of another human consuming human flesh or internal organs. Can*nabis has been mentioned in prehistoric accounts, but experts believe it has been a part of society since the Paleolithic period.

Can*nibalism is uncommon in the twenty-first century, but it is not unheard of. Many people who commit cann*ibalism these days are under the influence of an illegal substance or are suffering from severe mental illness.

From the 1970s until his capture in 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer mur*dered 17 boys and young men, dismembering and eating parts of their bodies. Ed Gein, Katherine Knight, Armin Meiwes, and Andre Chikatilo are among the other serial ki*llers who have received media attention over the years.

Man Feeds Mother’s Bits to the Dog

In 2019, a Spanish man added his name to the list of can*nibals still alive and well after butchering his mother to de*ath, consuming some of her body parts, and feeding the bits to his dog. The man ate his mother’s body parts for about 15 days before police discovered the shocking discovery.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez was a waiter in Madrid at the time of his mur*der in February 2019. Later, the media dubbed him the “Ca*nnibal of Las Ventas.”

Gomez hacked away at his mother’s body for 15 days, storing parts in various parts of the house. According to police, the body had been chopped into over 1,000 different pieces, with the vital organs removed.

Police Discover a Gory Scene

After several days of not seeing the woman, concerned family members and friends requested a welfare check. When the cops arrived, Gomez opened the door and told them he strangled his mother.

“Me and the dog have been eating her, bit by bit,” Gomez went on to say.

Scene Causes Officers to Become “Violently Sick”

The limbs of the 66-year-old woman were wrapped in plastic and stashed in various rooms inside Tupperware containers. Some parts were kept in the refrigerator, while others were kept in the oven. Some had already been cooked, while others were preparing to be cooked. Her intestines were discovered in the flat, mixed in with trash.

Several officers became violently ill as a result of the smell and shock of the scene.

Gomez Charged With Mu*rder

Gomez was arrested and charged with m*urder and desecration of a body. During his interrogation, Gomez admitted to strangling his mother, dismembering her body with a carpenter’s saw and kitchen knives, and eating her remains while feeding the unwanted bits to his dog for the next 15 days.

According to a press release issued by the Madrid provincial court, the now 28-year-old man was sentenced to 15 years and five months in prison in June 2021.

Gomez Suffers From Mental Illness; Used Hard Drugs

Neighbors said the man suffered from mental illness, borderline personality disorder, and other odd behaviors since he began using drugs. At the time of the murd*er, Gomez consumed a cocktail of hard drugs daily, which coupled with mental illness, could be the “cause” of the mur*der.

What Can I Do, He’s My Son?

Gomez told cops that he and his mother had a fight the day before the mu*rder. Police also discovered that Gomez was frequently violent toward his mother, Maria Soledad Gomez, 66. Things became so bad Maria obtained a restraining order against her son, but always allowed him back inside the son, asking, “What can I do, he is my son?”

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