It’s no surprise that celebrities have been committing crimes and (mostly) getting away with it since the dawn of Hollywood. Whether it be from mur*der, hate crime hoaxes or college admissions scandals, it can sometimes be hard to remember that they, like us regular folk, can also suffer from a tragedy and be left with unanswered questions.

Family’s background

Mark Ruffalo was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His parents were Marie Rose (née Hébert), a hairdresser and stylist, and Frank Lawrence Ruffalo, a construction painter. Frank had three children: Mark’s sisters Tania and Nicole, and his brother Scott. As a child, Ruffalo went to both Catholic and progressive schools. He thought of himself as a “happy kid” during those years, even though he had undiagnosed dyslexia and ADD. Mark wrestled in both Wisconsin and Virginia when he was in middle school and high school. He spent his teenage years in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where his father worked. Ruffalo started acting when he worked for the Patriot Playhouse, where Nancy P. Curtis taught him. He also graduated from First Colonial High School there. After that, he and his family moved to San Diego, California, and then to Los Angeles with his brother Scott. In Los Angeles, Ruffalo took classes at the Stella Adler Conservatory and helped start the Orpheus Theatre Company. He wrote, directed, and starred in many plays through the theatre company. He also worked as a barman for almost ten years.

Mark and his brother Scott moved to Los Angeles when they were late teens. They shared a full-size bed in a $600-a-month apartment near MacArthur Park and made ends meet.

Mark talked about how he and his brother got by during those times when he was trying out for roles and Scott was just starting out as a hairdresser.

He said, “He’d make a f–king huge bowl of tuna pasta, and we’d eat off of that for a whole week.” “The best and worst of times.” — Mark about how he and his brother made money when they first started working.

Mark and his brother always knew they had to make the best of things, no matter how bad things got. They had each other’s backs, just like the rest of their family.

Unexpected Tragedy

Tragically, Ruffalo and his family did not get the answers they were looking for and will probably never get them. Scott, a married hairdresser, was found with a gun in his left hand and a bullet wound to the head in his Beverly Hills condo on December 1, 2008. He was taken to the hospital right away. He died after a week. He was 39 years old.

Police found two “persons of interest” in relation to Ruffalo’s death: Shaha Adham, a wealthy Saudi businesswoman who is 26 years old, and her boyfriend, Brian B. Scofield, who is 29 years old. Both were with Ruffalo at the time of the shooting. Crime scene footage from Adham’s home at Ruffalo’s condo let the police know she had been there.

So was Scofield. They were both taken in to be questioned. After that, they were let go, but later they were arrested on suspicion of attempted m*urder and later let go again. One police officer said, “I know there were more than one set of prints on the gun.” One belonged to Ruffalo.”
The granddaughter of Sheikh Kamal Adham and a member of the Saudi royal family said that Ruffalo was shot during a bad game of Russian Roulette.

Ronald Richard, Adham’s lawyer, says that his client was there to pick up some keys when Ruffalo decided to play a game of Russian Roulette. This may explain what she said about what happened before the shooting. He also said that Ruffalo owned the gun that was used in the shooting and that he was a known cocaine user who had used and played with guns in public before. In fact, Ruffalo did get in trouble with the law once. In April 2002, he was found guilty of a felony charge of having a controlled substance with the intent to sell it. The second charge, which was having a controlled substance, was dropped.

Still, the Beverly Hills Police Department eventually said that Ruffalo had k*illed himself by playing Russian Roulette. But they later changed their minds when the coroner’s report showed that the angle at which the bullet entered his body (specifically, it was in the back of his head) proved he could not have done it. So, they changed the name of the death to homicide.

Since there are no more clues in the case and the only two witnesses to his death are now “off the hook,” the Beverly Hills Police Department has closed the case on this case. Years later, Adham died in January 2012 of what looked like a drug overdose. The death wasn’t reported until the following month.

Even though Ruffalo had flaws and bad habits, everyone does. He was a successful hairdresser who had been licenced in cosmetology since 1991, started his own business in 2001 called Ruff Inc., and worked at salons in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and most notably at the Giuseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills.

Even though it’s sad to think that Ruffalo’s death might never be fully explained, Mark and his family chose to keep going by remembering the best things about Scott. Mark was supposed to star in Noah Baumbach’s 2010 comedy-drama Greenberg when his brother died, but he dropped out to deal with his grief. The movie bombed at the box office. Mark went on to play Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the highly successful Marvel movie The Avengers and its follow-ups in the MCU after taking a break from acting.

Even though Scott Ruffalo is no longer with us, those who loved him will always remember him.

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