Kristin Smith lived in Beaumont, Texas with her husband, John. The 20-year-old met John while working for him at his pawn shop. John was wealthy and charming. The 43-year-old showered Kristin with extravagant gifts and soon, they tied the knot. The couple had only been married for one year when Kristin disappeared, and it was a tumultuous one at that.

John isolated Kristin from her family and forced her to cut ties with them, including her mother, Shari, with whom she was very close. Kristin continued to communicate with her secretly, through letters.

Kristin told her mother that John was possessive and that she was frightened of him. He forced her to wear a beeper and became enraged if she did not respond to his pages immediately.

In March of 1991, Kristin left John. She was granted a six-month peace bond against him, which meant he was not allowed anywhere near her. John eventually convinced Kristin to return home, and they got back together, violating the bond. In September, she asked for a divorce.

“He wouldn’t allow her to come to family functions or to the house or anything. She wound up communicating with me by notes…She told me in a letter that she had talked with John and he would allow her to leave but she had to wait two weeks or there would be some real trouble.” — Kristin’s mother, Shari Price

The last letter Shari received from Kristin was dated September 20, 1991, in which she wrote she was leaving John. Shari never heard from her daughter again.

Three days after the peace bond expired, Kristin vanished without a trace.

The last letter Kristin ever sent to her mother, Shari

It’s unclear who reported Kristin missing, however, John told the authorities that he last saw her on September 22. Kristin was not allowed out of John’s sight, so it came as a surprise when he said she dropped him off at the pawnshop and told him she was going shopping for a few hours.

Kristin had previously told her mother that John never gave her “permission” to go out without him.

Kristin’s teal Honda CRX was discovered in the parking lot of Target in the Beaumont North Park Plaza soon after. There were no signs of a struggle. The vehicle was unlocked and all of her belongings were left behind including her credit cards, her car keys, and the pager.

Kristin Smith

John died from heart disease a year later. He was the prime suspect in the case. 32 years later, the search for Kristin Smith continues. She was last seen wearing a white pullover shirt and jeans. Her case has been classified as endangered, and investigators believe foul play was involved. If you have any information, contact Crime Stoppers at 833-TIPS.

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