The Pizza Hut App to the Rescue: A Tale of Quick Thinking and Digital Communication

In today’s digital era, apps have become an indispensable part of our lives, from ordering food to booking vacations and connecting with loved ones. Sometimes, these apps become life-saving tools in ways we’d never imagine. One such remarkable story unfolded in Florida in 2015, where the Pizza Hut app played a crucial role in rescuing a woman from a potentially dangerous situation.

The Incident:

Cheryl Treadway, a resident of Florida, found herself in a horrifying situation when she was held hostage by her boyfriend. With the odds stacked against her and limited options, Cheryl had to think fast. Recognizing her boyfriend’s volatile state, she knew she couldn’t make an outright call for help without escalating the situation.

A Glimmer of Hope:

In a moment of sheer ingenuity, Cheryl convinced her boyfriend to let her order a pizza, assuring him that their children were hungry. Turning to the familiar interface of the Pizza Hut app on her smartphone, she placed an order. However, instead of just selecting toppings and sides, Cheryl used the ‘special request’ section of the app to send a distress message. She typed: “Please help. Get 911 to me. 911 hostage help!”

Alert Staff and Prompt Action:

Luckily, the employees at the local Pizza Hut saw her message and realized that it was not a typical special request for extra cheese or a crispy crust. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, they immediately alerted the local police.

Within a short span, officers arrived at Cheryl’s residence. The situation was deftly handled, ensuring the safety of Cheryl and her children and apprehending her boyfriend without further harm.

The Role of Digital Platforms in Safety:

This incident sheds light on the unexpected ways that our increasing connectivity and dependence on apps can be leveraged for safety. It’s a testament to how quick thinking, coupled with the ubiquity of digital platforms, can lead to positive outcomes even in dire situations.

Moreover, it’s essential to commend the alertness and prompt action of the Pizza Hut staff. In a world where we often hear stories of desensitization and disconnectedness, their response is a heartening reminder of the human touch that still exists in our digital age.


Cheryl Treadway’s story is not just an account of her resourcefulness but also a lesson for all of us. It emphasizes the importance of staying calm under pressure, thinking outside the box, and the unexpected ways technology can assist in emergencies.

While we may download apps for convenience or entertainment, stories like these make us realize the deeper potential they hold, often in ways we might never anticipate. So, the next time you use an app, remember this incredible tale and the vast possibilities our connected world offers.

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