This is the story of the Louisiana priest who lost his job after having s*ex with two women on the altar of his church. The man, who was 39 years old, was the pastor of Pearl River’s Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church.

After being caught in an unholy triangle with Mindy Dixon and Melissa Cheng, who were both wearing corsets and high heels, Rev. Travis Clark ran away.

From a window, a shocked bystander saw the women who were barely dressed and the priest who was only half dressed. Stage lighting, se*x toy*s, and a tripod were said to be on the stage.

Even though the police found that everything that happened that night was legal, they arrested the se*xy minister and his two se*xy friends on obscenity charges because they were out in public.

Dixon, 41, a professional dominatrice, and Cheng, 23, a professional prostitute, were also arrested and charged with obscenity for the immoral act. However, both Dixon and Cheng say they are innocent because all the adults involved gave their permission.

Their lawyers have said that what happened happened behind closed doors on private property and that the person who looked through the window is to blame.

Since then, Cheng has said on her GoFundMe page that the night has caused her terrible physical and emotional pain, as well as nightmares: “To be honest, it’s disgusting that I’m being called names like this.”

I get that this might make some people angry, but that doesn’t mean that what they’re doing is wrong or illegal in any way. If someone wants to judge, I beg them to put their energy somewhere else.

Melissa Cheng

“I need to take a break from work and social media in order to come out of this strong, empowered, and healthy. The attention on this situation has taken over my life in a way that I never in my wildest dreams imagined possible, but here I am.”

“I am a strong woman, a dominatrix, and a supporter of BDSM practices that are safe, sane, voluntary, and private.”

“The bail [which was already paid], the time off work, the time spent in jail, the content lost and the seizure of my belongings [film and lighting equipment, $1,000 worth of makeup], the lawyer fees, and the damage done to my mental and physical health have all added up to a very high price.”

“I’m so scared that I have nightmares and panic attacks all the time and can’t do anything.” I am so stressed out from this whole thing.

Mindy Dixon

Cheng wrote on her OnlyFans account about the person who saw the se*xual act, “My privacy is violated and I get in trouble.”

Cheng’s website shows off her skills, like being able to “deliver flying kicks.” It also warns that she is “extremely flexible and powerful” and charges $350 an hour.

Dixon, who was arrested with Cheng, lives in Seattle.

In her ads for her dungeon and S&M catalog, she makes it clear that she does not have se*xual relations with her clients and that they are not allowed to touch her.

Speaking about her plans with Clark on social media the day before she went to New Orleans, Dixon bragged that she was going to “defile a house of God” with another dominatrix.

It’s not clear who set up the adult church relationship that got Dixon, Cheng, and Clark arrested, but it is known that the two dominatrices went to Louisiana and met with the pastor.

Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Pearl River

Clark was set free after he paid a $25,000 bond. Dixon and Cheng paid $7,500 in bonds.

Travis Clark was given three years of probation, a $1,000 fine, and a three-year suspended prison sentence for taking part in the unholy trinity.

Travis Clark was given a $1,000 fine, three years of supervised probation, and a prison sentence that was suspended for three years because he was a part of the unholy trinity.

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