Pedro Rodrigues Filho is a serial k*iller with a lot of victims. He is responsible for at least 70 k*illings, 10 of which he did before he turned 18.

But in the case of Pedro Rodrigues Filho, being a good person does pay off. Most of the people Rodrigues chose as his victims weren’t just regular people. One analyst called Rodrigues the “perfect psychopath,” and he went after other crim*inals and people who had hurt him.

Rodrigues had a hard start to life from the moment he was born. In 1954, he was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil. His mother had been beaten by his father while she was pregnant, which left her skull hurt.

Rodrigues k*illed his first person when he was only 14 years old. He was the vice-Mayor of his town. The man recently fired Rodrigues’s father from his job as a school guard because it was said that he stole food from the school. So Rodrigues used a shotgun to k*ill him in front of city hall.

Not long after, he k*illed again. Rodrigues then k*illed another guard who was thought to be the real person who stole the food.

He ran away to a neighborhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil, called Mogi das Cruzes. Pedro Rodrigues Filho k*illed a drug dealer and helped with some break-ins once he got there. He fell in love, too. Maria Aparecida Olympia was her name, and the two of them lived together until gang members k*illed her.

After Olympia died, Rodrigues went on a cri*me spree. In order to find the gang member who k*illed Olympia, he tracked down and k*illed several people who had something to do with her de*ath.

The next mur*der that everyone knew about that Pedro Rodrigues Filho did was also an act of revenge. This time, the person he k*illed was his own father, the same person he k*illed the first time.

Rodrigues’s father k*illed Rodrigues’s mother with a machete and was in prison at the time. Pedro Rodrigues went to see his dad in jail, where he stab*bed him 22 times and k*illed him.

Then Rodrigues took things to a whole new level by cutting out his father’s heart and chewing on it.

The police finally caught Pedrinho Matador on May 24, 1973. He was put in a police car with two other cri*minals, one of whom was a man who had raped a woman.

When the police opened the door to the car, they saw that Rodrigues had k*illed the man who had raped her.

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It was the beginning of a new story. Rodrigues’ main source of income was being thrown in prison and being surrounded by other cri*minals.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho k*illed at least 47 other prisoners, which was most of the people he k*illed. It is said that Rodrigues k*illed prisoners while he was in jail because he thought they deserved to die.

In an interview, he said that k*illing other cri*minals gave him a rush and made him happy. He also said that sta*bbing or hacking with blades was his favorite way to k*ill someone.

Pedro Rodrigues was sentenced to 128 years in prison at first, but he did more bad things while he was there, so his sentence went up to 400 years. But the most time you can spend in jail in Brazil is 30 years.

He did four more years for the mu*rders he did while he was in prison. So, he was set free in 2007.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho is well-known in Brazil, not just because he k*illed a lot of people, but also because he said he would k*ill other crim*inals.

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