Mark Kilroy was a pre-med student at the University of Texas in March 1989. He planned a trip to Mexico with three close friends for spring break. It was their goal to meet some girls and see what life was like in another country. The trip began in a wonderful way, but less than 48 hours later, Mark was tortured and k*illed by Adolfo Constanzo’s Satanic cult.

Mark’s car was parked in the border town of Brownsville, and the four men went to Calle Alvaro Obregon, also known as the Matamoros strip. There, they drank a lot of cheap alcohol in the dive bars and flirted with a lot of women.

The men had just as much fun the next night until they had to drive back to their hotel room. Mark Kilroy was last seen when the men pulled over to the side of the road to go to the toilet.

Mark Disappears

Mark was in the woods when a strange Hispanic man came up to him. Someone who was out with Mark and the Hispanic man that night says the man asked Mark something like, “Did I just see you?” or “Where did I see you?” The guys didn’t think much about the strange man until Mark didn’t come back to the car.

By morning, the three friends were scared of the worst. His parents put out 20,000 flyers with their son’s picture and information on them after filing a missed person report. They promised him $15,000 if he came back.

Police Find Mark’s Body

After more than a month, police found his badly cut body buried with 14 others on a ranch in Matamoros. His body had been cut up, which was a sign of sexual assault. Ki*llers cut off his legs with a machete and took out his spine and brain. They then found him boiling in a pot with a turtle that had been roasted. The ki*llers also took out his heart.

Mark Kilroy was k*illed by a group of Satanic drug traffickers.

Serafin Hernandez-Garcia, 20, was arrested on April 11 for having marijuana on him. He said that his family grew marijuana on the ranch outside of town. Police found 75 pounds of marijuana on the ranch, along with 15 bodies in what people saw as a “human abattoir.”

The 15 people who died had all been burned, shot, or cut up with a machete. Some of them had their hearts ripped out, and most of them were missing eyes or ears.

An African Voodoo Cult

Police looking into Mark’s disappearance and now 15 grizzle mur*ders said the scene looked like an African voodoo cult led by Adolfo Constanzo. That night, the group picked Kilroy up from the side of the road, raped him, and then kil*led him very badly.

The Adolfo grew up in Miami, Florida. When he moved to Mexico City, his parents started making money off of drug cartel members and businessmen who paid him to sacrifice a palo mayombe. It was said that this practise kept them safe from evil spirits.

Adolfo Commits Su*icide; Cult Members Sentenced

Police were closing in on Adolfo, so he had a member of his cult shoot him de*ad with a machine gun. This stopped the police from arresting him. Five cult members were charged with mur*der and given prison terms of 30 to 60 years. The properties on the ranch were burned down.

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