Audreanna Zimmermann, a 19-year-old woman from Escambia County, Florida, was kil*led by her neighbors in a brutal way on March 24, 2010.

Tina Brown, her 16-year-old daughter Britnee Miller, and their friend Heather Lee beat her with a crowbar, shocked her with a stun gun, and set her on fire. The ki*lling happened because of a fight over a man that Miller said Zimmermann had been sleeping with.

How the Dispute Started

She lived in a mobile home park with her sister and mother. People who lived next door to her and were her friends were Brown, Miller, and Lee. Still, their friendship got worse over time because they fought and hurt each other a lot.

Miller went up to Zimmermann on the day of the mur*der and said she was having s*ex with her boyfriend. Zimmermann denied the charge and used a stun gun to protect herself from Miller’s attack. In the evening, Lee told Brown that Zimmermann had shocked her daughter with a stun gun. Brown told Zimmermann that she was “going to get” him.

How the Attack Happened

Lee, Miller, Brown, and Zimmermann went to her house and told her they wanted to talk, which got her to come outside. Then, they hit her over and over in the head and body with a crowbar and a stun gun. They pulled her to Brown’s car and put her in the trunk. Going off of Lepley Avenue, they drove to a wooded area and dumped gasoline on her. They then set her on fire and left her to die.


A neighbor heard Zimmerman screaming and called 911, which saved her life. After getting away from the fire, she ran to his house and asked for help. Until the ambulance came, he gave her water and wrapped her in a blanket.

Zimmermann was taken to Alabama because Florida did not have the right kind of burn care for her. She was taken to the University of South Alabama Medical Center in Mobile by helicopter. The center has a burn center that helps people from Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana.

She died of her wounds on April 9, 2010.

How They Were Caught and Convicted

Soon after the attack, Brown, Miller, and Lee were arrested by the police. They looked in Brown’s car and home and found blood and gasoline. The crowbar, stun gun, and gas that were used in the crime were also found. They also got surveillance video from the bus that showed the attack and how Zimmermann was taken there.

Brown was charged with mu*rder in the first degree and could have been put to de*ath. Miller and Lee were charged with mur*der in the second degree and could have spent the rest of their lives in prison. All three said they were not g*uilty and that they had to act because they were scared or under pressure.

In 2012, Brown was found gu*ilty of first-degree mur*der by a jury that all agreed that he should be put to de*ath. In September 2012, a judge gave her to de*ath sentence. She is on de*ath row at the Lowell Correctional Institution Annex right now.

A jury found Miller gu*ilty of second-degree mur*der in 2013 and suggested that he should spend the rest of his life in prison. In February 2013, a judge gave her a life sentence in prison. She is currently going to Homestead Correctional Institution to serve her time.

Lee admitted to second-degree mu*rder in 2014 and agreed to testify against Brown and Miller in exchange for a lighter sentence. In January 2014, a judge gave her a 25-year prison sentence. She is currently going to Lowell Correctional Institution to serve her time.

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