In 2013, a college sophomore went home for the summer with his parents and then went back to school. Within two weeks, he disappeared without a trace. His roommate and his girlfriend both said that he had changed a lot, and they were both worried about him. Bryce was mixing alcohol with a medicine for ADHD (that was not prescribed to him.) After giving some of his things to his roommate and breaking up with his girlfriend, he was driving home to California, where his parents live.

Bryce Laspisa And Parents

Soon after, his parents receive a call from their insurance company informing them that the car Bryce is driving has requested assistance on the side of the road. When his parents look through their credit card records, they notice that the card was used in Buttonwillow, a small town three hours away.

When his mother calls the company that fixed the car, they tell her that the car ran out of gas and that they filled it up enough to get the driver to a gas station. When Bryce’s mother inquired about the driver, they stated that he appeared to be in good health and made sense.

They even offered to go back to the location where the car was discovered to see if it was still there. Karen, Bryce’s mother, said it would be fantastic if they could do so. Carlos, the serviceman, arrives and calls Karen to inform her that the car is still there with Bryce inside. Bryce has been ignoring her phone calls, so she begs him to talk to her.

Bryce Receives a Call

Bryce calls his mother to inform her that he is fine. He had simply run out of gas. She instructs him to get petrol and return home. After he says yes, everyone leaves. Bryce was only three hours away from home, and his parents would meet him at 3:00 PM. Three o’clock arrives and departs. 5:30 PM. Nothing. He is still not answering his phone.

Karen calls the cops, who find Bryce sitting in his car just 8 miles away from where the car was repaired. The cops tell Bryce to call his mother, but he refuses. But, in the end, he does. When his mother asks what he’s up to, he doesn’t know what to say. He’s just blowing off steam.

She tells him that he must return home immediately. They told Karen that Bryce appears to be fine after speaking with the police officer, who checked Bryce’s honesty on the spot and looked through his car. He is responding to all of their questions, demonstrating that he is aware and makes sense. There’s nothing noteworthy. As a result, the cop returns home. Carlos calls Karen after his shift because he missed her call. She describes how the police tracked down Bryce 8 miles away, when he should have been driving home on the highway. Carlos stated that he would go to the new location to see if he was still present. He was.

13 Hours In Car

Bryce has been sitting in his car in Buttonwillow for nearly 13 hours. Bryce will eventually start driving home, and Carlos will follow him for up to 30 minutes until he sees Bryce get on the motorway. Then Carlos calls Karen to inform her that Bryce is on his way home on the motorway. He calls his parents several times while driving on the motorway. Finally, at 2:30 a.m., he informs them that he will pull over because he is too tired to drive. They both agree, so he comes to a halt at the next exit.

Bryce comes to a halt near a cell tower, where there appears to be a large body of water directly in front of him. However, it is not as simple as it appears because, once you proceed, you must pass through some bushes and then drop 25 feet to a street below before reaching the water. Bryce drives towards the water and over the cliff’s edge. The car tracks in the brush indicated that he had accelerated.

There was no indication that he was slowing down, so he was driving deliberately fast towards this body of water. In the end, his car landed on the road below, first on the front bumper and then on its side. After the back passenger window was broken from the inside, everything was left in the car. His laptop, phone, wallet, and the items he wears. Everything. Only two spots of Bryce’s blood were discovered in the car.

Two bloodhounds tracked his scent to a truck stop that was not visible from the road. That was the end of his odour. That’s all there is to it. Bryce is no longer with us.

Break Up

I should also mention that when Bryce and his girlfriend, Kim, split up, Kim called Karen to inform her that she had taken away Bryce’s keys because he didn’t look like himself and she suspected he was high or drunk and didn’t trust him to drive. Karen approached Bryce and asked to fly to him so she could be with him and assist him in returning home. He told her not to book a flight because he was fine and wanted to talk about a lot of things with her. Karen informed Kim that Bryce appeared to be in good health and that she should hand over his keys to him.

People are now wondering what Bryce told his mother. He’d only been back at school for two weeks (though only four days in class), so a lot could have happened in that time. Was he stalling in Buttonville so he wouldn’t have to do whatever it took to inform her? Did he drink and take the ADHD medication to the point where he went insane and drove off a cliff with the intention of ki*lling himself? Is he so badly hurt in the car accident that he has forgotten who he is?

What became of him?

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