Desperate for a child, Lisa Marie Montgomery twice faked a pregnancy so when she announced that she was pregnant again, her family did not pay her much attention. She said she would deliver in December 2004.

When Lisa Marie showed up with a baby, the family was in shock. They convinced themselves that Lisa faked pregnancy again, yet she stood before them with a newborn baby.

Montgomery Plans to Steal a Baby

Lisa lied about being pregnant, but this time she did it one step further, as her family had suspected. She came up with a sneaky way to take a baby. Lisa looked up “how to do a C-section” and other similar things on Google.

Lisa Marie Meets Bobbi Jo

In a chat room, Lisa Marie then met Bobbi Jo Stinnett. Montgomery, pretending to be Darlene Fischer, said she wanted to buy a rat terrier puppy. Bobbi Jo was eight months pregnant and happily married to Zeb at the time. They agreed to get together to check out the dogs.

Montgomery told Bobbi Jo that she was also going to have a baby. These two people hit it off right away and started talking.

Lisa Marie went to Bobbi Jo’s house with a big kitchen knife and white cord tucked away in the pocket of her jacket. They talked and played with the puppies for a while before Montgomery k*illed Stinnett by tying her up with the rope.

Montgomery then took the knife and cut the girl baby out of Bobbi Jo’s stomach. Lisa Marie ran away from the scene with the child. Then she called her husband to tell him she had given birth to a beautiful, healthy girl. Thankfully, the baby lived.

Mom Finds Daughter Covered in Blood

In the evening of the same day, Bobbi Jo’s mother found her daughter’s bloody, dead body on the floor. Zeb had work to do. The horrifying scene made her call the police right away, telling them that it looked like her daughter’s stomach “had exploded all over the place.”

The paramedics tried to bring Bobbi Jo back to life but failed. Soon after, she passed away at the hospital.

Police issued an Amber alert and using evidence from Bobbi Jo’s phone, quickly discovered that Lisa Marie Montgomery had made arrangements to meet up with her earlier that day.

Montgomery Arrested; Baby Reunited With Father

The police went to Montgomery’s home in Melvern, Kansas, on December 17 and found her with the baby. At first, she told the police that the child was her own. The baby was definitely Bobbi Jo Stinnett’s daughter, as shown by DNA tests. She was given back to her dad, who named her Victoria.

The police arrested Lisa Marie and charged her with “kidnapping resulting in d*eath.” Her lawyers said she had pseudocyesis, a mental illness that makes a woman think she is pregnant even though she isn’t and shows signs of pregnancy.

Montgomery was tried and found guilty of mu*rder. He was then given the de*ath penalty.

Montgomery Execution Upheld

Lisa Marie Montgomery was executed by lethal injection on January 21, 2021, in Terre Haute, Indiana. She said that she did not have any last words. She was pronounced dead at 1:31 a.m. EST.

Lisa Marie Montgomery was the first woman federally executed in the U.S. in more than 50-years. Baby Victoria is doing well but has chosen to remain out of the public eye.

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