Olivia K. Gant, an American girl born on June 21, 2010, was ki*lled by her mother, Kelly Renee Turner-Gant, after years of medical abuse.

Kelly took the girl to the hospital at first because she had severe constipation. After this was resolved and Olivia went home, Kelly said that Olivia couldn’t eat, which led to many surgeries, feeding tubes, and finally an intravenous tube that put food directly into her veins.

Olivia was sometimes confined to a wheelchair or bed because the anti-seizure medicine that Kelly had persuaded a doctor to give her made her too weak to move.

The Beginning

Olivia K. Gant was born in Pasadena, Texas, where she also lives with her grandmother, mother, and two sisters.

After moving to Colorado, Kelly Turner-Gant put a lot of pictures of Olivia online for everyone to see. Most of the pictures were from Olivia’s trips to the hospital.

Olivia is Abused

Olivia had trouble going to the bathroom in 2012, so Kelly Turner-Gant took her to Children’s Hospital Colorado to get help. Taking the girl’s hardened stool out of her colon as part of the treatment worked, but Kelly soon told her that Olivia couldn’t eat right.

She presented Olivia as a sick child when she was healthy

To fix this problem, Olivia had several surgeries. In one, her small intestine was moved through her large intestine and a bag was attached to her stomach so she could eat from it.

Olivia was taken to the hospital more than 1,000 times and given strong painkillers for five years before she died. Along with using Olivia’s medical care for herself, Kelly would tell her friends that Olivia was dying so they would feel sorry for her. Then, she would use their sympathy to scam different charity groups.

The things Olivia wanted to do before she died were on her “bucket list,” which she would display.

Kelly may have stolen more than $500,000 from different people and businesses.

Olivia had surgery three times to put in three different kinds of feeding tubes. She was also given a strong medicine for seizures. The doctor gave Kelly medicine even though he had never seen her have a seizure before. Kelly was able to help the doctor see why it was important.

Kelly also gave her daughter nutrition through an IV because she thought the other feeding tube methods were not working.

The De*ath

Nicole Turner-Gant was able to get Olivia a “do not resuscitate” order. She had to change doctors until she found one who would sign it because Olivia’s regular ones wouldn’t.

Kennedy then took out all of Olivia’s feeding tubes and put the girl in hospice care.

At first, she was said to be in a great mood, but this quickly changed when Olivia started to starve while being kept alive on strong drugs and only being given melted popsicle liquid to eat by rubbing it on her lips with a sponge.

On August 20, 2017, it was found that Olivia’s de*ath was due to an issue with her intestines.


It took over a year for the police and doctors to start looking into Kelly’s part in Olivia’s d*eath. This happened in part because Kelly took Olivia’s sister to the hospital with the same symptoms, even though they weren’t really there.

Kelly was arrested and taken to jail in 2018. She was charged with several crimes, such as m*urder in the first degree and stealing from other people.

Trial and Sentencing

Kelly Turner-Gant admitted to a felony charge of child abuse that caused her daughter’s de*ath in January 2022.

Part of Kelly’s plea deal was that the first-degree mu*rder charges against her were dropped. The prosecution and defense both agreed that she should go to prison for 16 years. Kelly also admitted to felony charges of fraud and theft, and she was given 13 years in prison to be served at the same time.

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