Jazmin Paez, an 18-year-old mother from Miami-Dade, Florida, has been arrested and charged with first-degree solicitation of mu*rder and third-degree unlawful use of a communications device after allegedly trying to hire a hit*man to k*ill her three-year-old son.

How She Tried to Hire a Hi*tman

The arrest report says Paez went to the parody website rentah*itman.com and asked a k*iller to k*ill her son “once and for all.” In her letter, she also said that she wanted her son “to be taken away, far, far away, and possibly k*illed but ASAP.”

She sent pictures and an address of where her child would be along with her $3000 offer. After Paez became a mother when she was about 15, the child lived with his grandmother at the time.

Jazmin Paez

People who visit the fake website, which was originally made for a cybersecurity company, are told that it is not a real service and that any requests will be sent to law enforcement.

Robert Innes, the owner of the website, said that he gets hundreds of requests for help every day. But Paez’s request seemed too real, so he called the Miami-Dade Police Department.

How She Was Caught

Innes said he called the police three times but was sent to Crime Stoppers instead. They told him they would send him a letter telling him not to contact them anymore if he did. He said he was angry that the police weren’t interested and that he was worried about the child’s safety.

the homepage of the website

But he didn’t give up, and in the end, the police took his report seriously and started an investigation. It was possible to find Paez’s home by her IP address. When they called the child’s grandmother, she confirmed that Paez’s son was the target. Then they found Paez and put her in jail.

How She Defended Herself

Paez went to court on Wednesday and was given a $15,000 bond. She had to wear an ankle monitor and stay away from her son. She didn’t say anything in her plea.

NBC 6 asked her father to defend his daughter, who said she is not a monster but a girl who was born with health problems. He said she has had 12 surgeries and that her neck still holds water. He said she couldn’t move her face anymore and was picked on at school. He said he thinks his daughter is not guilty and that the law will find out the truth.

Jazmin was Encouraged By Her Friend, Gamaliel Soza

Jazmin Paez’s friend Gamaliel Soza, who is 18 years old, is said to have told her to ki*ll her son. The police say he sent her several texts telling her that her son was a bother and that she would be better off without him.

Gamaliel Soza

He also suggested ways to get rid of him, such as drowning him in a bathtub or throwing him off a bridge. He even offered to help her find a hi*tman online and pay for half of the fee. He claimed that he loved her and wanted to start a new life with her, but only if she k*illed her son first.

How Her Son Is Doing

NBC 6 reports that the child is safe and with family at this time. The case was reported to the Florida Department of Children and Families, which will likely help and provide services for the child.

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