Brittany Stykes

On August 28, 2013, a young, pregnant woman named Brittany Stykes left her mother-in-law’s house, strapped her 14-month-old daughter into her car seat, and got behind the wheel of her yellow jeep. She was on her way to visit her parents and wish her dad, David Dodson, a happy birthday. However, Brittany never made it to her destination. Instead, her life and the life of her unborn child were cut short in a violent and still-unsolved incident that shakes the community of Brown County, Ohio to this day.

The Night of August 28, 2013

David Dodson was grilling out, anticipating the arrival of his daughter and granddaughter. As the evening wore on, he grew increasingly concerned; especially after hearing the distant sound of police sirens. His worst fears came true when he was informed that his daughter and granddaughter had been involved in a tragic incident.

A passerby had discovered Brittany’s jeep on the side of US 68. Brittany had been shot and was found dead in her vehicle. She was pregnant at the time, and sadly, her unborn child also did not survive. Miraculously, Brittany’s toddler survived a gunshot to the head and has since made a full recovery.

The Ongoing Investigation

Who k*illed Brittany Stykes? This is the question that has perplexed law enforcement agencies, the local community, and the Stykes family. Despite years of investigation, interviews, and public appeals, the case remains unsolved. Various theories have been suggested: was it a random act of violence, a road rage incident gone horribly wrong, or something more sinister involving someone Brittany knew?

In an even more perplexing twist, no solid leads or suspects have emerged in the case. Brittany’s family, and particularly her surviving daughter, are haunted by the unknown and the unspeakable tragedy that befell them that night.

A Community Forever Changed

The murd*er of Brittany Stykes had a profound impact on the community of Brown County. A feeling of insecurity washed over the typically quiet and close-knit community, where violent crime is relatively rare. Community members came together to offer support to the Stykes family and to raise awareness about the unsolved case. Vigils have been held, and the story has been shared widely on social media in hopes that someone will come forward with information.

The Quest for Justice

David Dodson and the rest of the Stykes family continue their quest for justice. While nothing can bring back Brittany and her unborn child, solving the case would at least bring some closure to a family that has been through unimaginable suffering.

As we remember Brittany, let’s also remember that her case is still unsolved. Someone out there knows something. It’s crucial for anyone with information to come forward. The Stykes family, and the community as a whole, need answers. Until then, the question of who ki*lled Brittany Stykes will continue to loom large, casting a shadow over Brown County and all who knew and loved her.

If you have any information regarding the case, you are urged to contact the Brown County Sheriff’s Office or your local authorities.

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