On March 2, 1987, Fawn was born. She was a mother of three. Two of them were taken away from her, and the third, a daughter, was stillborn. When she went missing, she was in a relationship with a woman named Heather Dibert. In Claysburg, Pennsylvania, they lived together in a trailer on Binks Mill Court.

Fawn had been in abusive relationships before, and Dibert did the same thing to her. Dibert was very possessive of Fawn and didn’t like to leave her behind. Fawn went to the hospital more than once for injuries caused by abuse. One time, Dibert also tried to strangle Fawn.

Fawn hadn’t talked to her family in a while before she went missing. They think Dibert is to blame for this. She had a fight with her mother once, but she always stayed in touch with her family. In 2011, she did something she didn’t expect to do: she got an order against her mother. So, when Fawn ran away to her mother’s house in October 2012 after a fight with Dibert, her mother spent the weekend in jail. The last time Fawn saw her mother was then.


Fawn was last seen on November 25, 2012, in Claysburg, Pennsylvania. Fawn and Dibert had just come home from helping Dibert’s parents clean and sanitize their butcher shop for several days. Since they all lived in the same trailer park, Dibert’s brother and his girlfriend, who had also been helping out, went home with them. That night, Fawn was last seen by the girlfriend of Dibert’s brother. The next morning, she saw Dibert talking to her parents while smoking a cigarette outside. When asked, Dibert said that she woke up at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom and saw that Fawn wasn’t there.

Fawn left the urn with her daughter’s ashes in it. She usually took it with her everywhere she went. Her clothes were also there. Since then, no one has seen or heard from Fawn.

Even though Dibert is usually very possessive, Fawn’s disappearance didn’t seem to bother him much. A week after Fawn went missing, Dibert and her family decided to remodel the trailer. This meant tearing up the floor. Then, Dibert moved to Ohio. After a few months, he moved back to Pennsylvania with a new girlfriend. She got married to this girlfriend and told people all kinds of stories about what happened to Fawn, like that she worked as a prostitute in Boston or was locked up in Ohio.

Fawn’s family tried to reach her in April 2015 because her stepfather was dying. They asked a friend of the family to go to the trailer park and look for Fawn. Dibert said that she “took off” three years ago. At this point, Fawn’s disappearance was reported. It is not clear if Dibert is a suspect in the disappearance of Fawn. Her case hasn’t been solved yet.

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