On August 16, 2005, a 14-year-old teenage boy riding his speedboat with his parents spotted the body of a young girl floating in the Calumet River in Chicago, Illinois. The body had been weighed down with chains and held down with straps. Only the body’s torso was located. The body was later identified as Alexandra Anaya, a 13-year-old teenager who vanished from her Hammond, Indiana, home on August 13, 2006, during the early morning hours.

At the police station, Sandra learned that police had found Alex’s body. She fell to her knees with tears pouring from her eyes and her screams audible throughout the building.

The investigation into Alex’s mu*rder led police to her neighbors, friends, classmates, and even family members. Sadly, no one offered police any information about the case.

Sandra, however, provided shocking information. Her ex-lover, Rodolfo Heredia, was scheduled to appear in court on charges of stalking her. Sandra and Rodolfo shared twins and had dated for nine years until Alex came forward with shocking information: he had S.A.’d her for six of the nine years they had been together.

Sandra and Rodolfo separated quite often during their near-decade relationship. When Alex told her Rodolfo had se*xually ab*used her, Sandra kicked him out of their home and ended the relationship. At least, she tried ending the relationship.

Rodolfo made a key to the house so he could let himself in whenever he chose. He told Sandra it wasn’t over, she was his woman and that would never change. The threats frightened Sandra.

Days after ending their relationship, Rodolfo began making good on his promises. Sandra found him peering into Alex’s bedroom window and standing outside of her home on several occasions. He repeatedly called Sandra despite her pleas to be left alone. He even called the home the day before Alex disappeared.

On one occasion, Sandra found Rodolfo in her home. Enough was enough. She called the police and Rodolfo was charged with stalking. Alex vanished from the home several days later.

Rodolfo was eventually acquitted of the stalking charges.

Who K*illed Alex Anaya?

Rodolfo was a suspect in the case. Was it a coincidence that Alex disappeared after revealing that Rodolfo had se*xually a*bused her? Was it a coincidence that her body was found in a river located less than two blocks from his home?

Despite being a likely suspect in Alex’s mu*rder, the evidence simply did not warrant his arrest. The case went cold and remains that way 18 years after someone brutally mu*rdered a beautiful, caring young girl with a bright future ahead.

Her head, arms, and legs were never found.

Reward Offered

Nearly two decades have passed since Alex disappeared, but her family maintains hope that her k*iller will one day be found. Alex deserves justice. Sandra Anaya said:

“She was loving and caring and beautiful inside and out,” Sandra said. “I miss her a lot. It’s hard to relive everyday thinking of her because it’s so painful. Her memory is happy but to me, it’s painful sometimes.”

There is currently a $20,000 reward offered for information leading to the arrest/conviction of the person(s) responsible for the horrific m*urder of Alexandra Anaya. If you have any information, call 1-800-CALL-FBI or go online https://tips.fbi.gov/home.

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