Shannon Aumock remained unidentified for close to twenty years. This investigation is complicated by the fact that it was all occurring concurrently with the disappearance of 13-year-old Brandy Myers in the same neighborhood of north Phoenix. The question now is whether or not they shared a killer.

Who mur*dered Shannon Aumock, age 16? A profound understanding of this case, which has been shrouded in mystery for three decades, is being gained for the very first time.

Photographic evidence indicates that on May 28, 1992, Aumock was discovered concealed in a flowery blouse, jeans, white underwear, and a bow in a desert region of north Phoenix near a canal. Strangulation was identified as the cause of de*ath during the autopsy. The evidence file now indicates that a rope was present at the scene of the crime. Her remains were unidentified at the time.

As per the police report documents, the individual who discovered the corpse in the desert initially perceived thick rose-colored glasses, subsequently detected an odor he attributed to a deceased animal, but upon conducting a thorough search of the vicinity, came to the realization that a body was present and hastily departed.

He explained to investigators that he discarded the glasses because they bore his fingerprints and he feared he would be held accountable. However, he would have been unaware of Shannon Aumock’s identity had he misidentified the remains as those of Brandy Myers.

Years ago, Myers’ sister Kristin Thelen stated, “We never held any sort of service or memorial for my sister; it was as if she had vanished forever.” While collecting funds for a school book drive, 13-year-old Brandy Myers vanished from her Sunnyslope neighborhood two days prior to the discovery of Aumock. Further, Myers was renowned for donning thick eyeglasses.

The media and law enforcement were working nonstop to locate her. However, the remains did not match those of Myers, whose whereabouts remain unknown. Despite this, Phoenix Police have come to the conclusion that Bryan Patrick Miller mur*dered Myers after he confessed to his ex-wife that he murd*ered the girl and discarded her remains in the trash.

“No body exists to establish a connection with DNA.” “She was discarded in the garbage and deposited in a landfill,” Thelen had informed the media. Two doors down from the last known location of Myers, Miller resided, which was in close proximity to the site where Aumock’s remains were discovered.

Miller has solely been found guilty of the ‘Phoenix Canal Mur*ders,’ which occurred along the Arizona canal and claimed the lives of Angela Brosso and Melanie Bernas in November 1992 and September 1993, respectively.

According to court documents, investigators discovered Aumock was a frequent fugitive, had been in and out of foster care, attended multiple behavioral schools, and was a recurring runaway after his identification. However, no family members, friends, or school officials were able to provide a viable lead for the investigation.

Is it possible that Bryan Patrick Miller was responsible for the de*ath of Shannon Aumock as well? It is conceivable, and certain investigators are convinced that he probably did. However, there are dissenting opinions, and there is currently no tangible evidence that establishes a connection between Miller and the mur*der of Aumock.

It is noteworthy that while all of Miller’s victims, including the surviving ones, perished by stabbing, Aumock was fatally strangled.

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