Many ki*llers from the 1960s and 1970s have been caught thanks to improvements in genetic testing technology. When the police catch these monsters, convict them, and send them to prison, I always enjoy reading about it. The mur*der of a teenager from Cleveland, Ohio, named Beverly Jarosz is still a case I’m sure will be solved.

For 16-year-old Beverly Jarosz and her 12-year-old sister Carol, December 28, 1964 was just another day. The girls were having fun at home during their Christmas break from school. Beverly, a junior, went to Marymount High School, a Catholic school for girls only. The girls walked to their grandmother’s house after their parents, Thaddeus and Eleanor, left for work. Beverly told her grandmother around 1 p.m. that she had to go home and meet up with two friends. Beverly got a ride home from an 18-year-old neighbour of her grandmother.

Lynn called her mum to let her know she got home after she got there. Another call came from a man who wanted to know about Beverly’s father. Stephen Stankowitz was the name of the caller, who said he would call back. Police later found out that Stephen Stankowitz was not a real person. Also, Beverly’s grandmother called to make sure she got home safely. They talked for a short time while Beverly told her grandmother that her friend Barbara was going to be over.

She got there at 1:25 p.m. After knocking on the door, she heard a thump coming from the second floor. It seemed like someone was moving things around. When no one answered, Barbara went back home. To her friend Margie, she told her that Beverly never came to answer the door. The three girls had planned to spend the day together at first. Barb’s grandmother was called by Margie to say that Beverly didn’t answer the door when Barbara knocked.

The grandmother told Thaddeus Jarosz about her worry over the phone. He left his house in the late afternoon and came home to loud music! He went upstairs to see how his daughter was doing. He saw Beverly tied up with a clothesline and lying on her back. Someone ki*lled his beloved daughter.

Strangulation was found to be the cause of death by the coroner. Also, she was stabbed over 40 times by her ki*ller. That being said, the kil*ler did not se*xually ass*ault her. Based on what the coroner said, Beverly fought her attacker very hard before she died.

The murd*ered teenager was being stalked

During the investigation, police found out that Beverly had an unknown stalker. She got many hang-up calls and a bracelet and ring from someone she didn’t know. Police also found out who called Beverly and gave her a fake name: Stephen Stankowitz. Could this have been the mu*rder? He might have called to make sure Beverly’s dad wasn’t home so he could break into Beverly’s house.

The authorities learned Beverly went to the Cleveland Museum of Art a lot. A guard said that he saw an unknown man following Beverly around the museum. The guard said he looked mad and said he was tall and thin. The ki*ller has never been caught by the Garfield Heights Police. It has been almost sixty years since Beverly was kil*led at 10921 Thornton Avenue in Garfield Heights, Ohio. The police have talked to a lot of people about the case over the years. The case is still open today and won’t be solved until there are major breaks.

If the k*iller is still alive, he’s probably around 80 years old. The ki*ller and the person who was following her might have been the same person. Her parents waited for justice for a long time. Thomas passed away in 2012, and Eleanor in 2018. Calvary Cemetery in Cleveland is where Beverly and her parents are buried. Beverly’s parents never found out who kil*led their daughter. Use the number (216) 475-5686 to call the Garfield Heights Police if you have any information about the m*urder of Beverly Jarosz.

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