Timothy Jones is an American who kil*led his five kids in their caravan park home on South Lake Drive in Lexington County, SC. The court didn’t believe Jones when he said he wasn’t guilty because he was crazy. In 2019, he was found guilty and given the death prison sentence. He is in South Carolina on death row.

The Inside Story

Amber Kyzer was born in Pennsylvania. She met Timothy Jones Jr. in Chicago. They got married in June 2004 in DuPage County, Illinois. Kyler was 18 and Jones was 22.

Merah was in South Carolina with Elias and Nahtahn, Gabriel and Abigail were in Mississippi, and Merah, Elias, and Nahtahn were all in South Carolina.

Jones spent four years at Mississippi State University and graduated in 2011 with a degree in computer engineering. He moved to South Carolina so that he could work at Intel in Columbia as an engineer. The couple bought a cheap caravan and moved into it in Lexington County, which is near Columbia. Amber Jones stayed home with their kids to take care of them.

Jones follows the Bible’s instructions to the letter. When he was arrested, the police took his religious items, like Bible verses that said kids should be punished.

Difficult Marriage

Jones and his wife hadn’t seen each other in two weeks in May 2012. When he went back to the house they shared, he found that his wife was seeing their 19-year-old neighbour.

In 2011, the state’s Department of Social Services (DSS) began to look into the family home because he said his wife had not taken care of the kids. The police stopped their search, even though the house was a mess. He took his kids to live with his parents in Mississippi because he and his wife were no longer getting along.

If Timothy Jones was the biological father of Abigail, their youngest child, Amber Jones got pregnant. Tests were done to find out. It turned out that he was.

It was agreed upon that they would split up in October 2013. The kids were given to Timothy Jones, and Mrs. Jones could only see them when her husband was around.

The kids and Tim Jones went back to Lexington County in a different phone booth.

The Children Lives With Their Father

Jones lived in a trailer on the side of a dirt road in a part of Lexington, South Carolina called Red Bank. During this time, Jones was the subject of two separate child abuse investigations, but neither of them found any reason to take the kids out of the house.

There were other reports of child abuse before he took the route of mu*rdering his five children.

Jones Ki*lls His 5 Children

Tim Jones picked up his two youngest children, Gabriel and Abigail, from a nearby creche on Thursday, August 28, 2014. He also picked up his three oldest children, Merah, Elias, and Nahtahn, from Saxe Gotha Elementary School. No one saw the kids alive after that.

It was reported that all five of the children had been ki*lled, and that they had been strangled by hand in each case. The bodies were in bad shape, though, so it was impossible to tell for sure when they died.

Jones’ children’s bodies were found in five black trash bags on a dirt road in the country close to Camden, Alabama.

The doctor who did the autopsies said that the bodies breaking down faster because they were in black bags out in the sun. Before they were found, the bodies had been left outside for about a week. The bodies had been broken down a lot.

Trial and Sentencing

Jones entered a plea of not guilty due to insanity.

Jones says that the kil*lings were not planned. Jones says that a voice from a demonic gremlin told him to k*ill his children. But the psychologist the court chose in the end said that Jones had ki*lled his children on purpose.

Timothy Jones was found guilty of all five mu*rder charges on June 4, 2019. Jones was given a death sentence on June 13.

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