May 15, 1956, was Sherri Lee Truesdale’s birthday. She and her family resided in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, when she was 14 years old in 1970.

Though she was described as a quiet girl, her studious nature emerged when she was awarded a scholarship to attend the fine arts programme during the summer at Mount Tabor’s High School.

The start date was scheduled for Monday, June 15, 1970. That’s why Sherri made the decision to go buy the supplies for her classroom two days earlier, on Saturday.

Missing While Running Errands

Sherri left her house at 11:30 AM, just in time for lunch, to go to a nearby mall to get her school supplies. While there, she also had plans to pay her mother’s bill and get her sister some donuts.

She was at the mall all afternoon until she was last observed at 4:30 PM by a department store employee. Thus, it would seem that Sherri completed all of her errands prior to going missing after that.

Despite heavy rain throughout the night that resulted in flooding in the Winston-Salem area, Sherri’s parents, who were already concerned about their daughter’s whereabouts, started looking for her.

On June 14, one day after Sherri Lee Truesdale vanished, her parents filed a missing person’s report without being able to locate the 14-year-old.

Sherri was wearing blue bellbottom pants, a blue shirt and brown loafers on the day she vanished. She wore a black leather or plastic ladies’ watch with a black band, as well as pentagon-shaped earrings in an aqua hue.

Investigators launched a six-week search of the Winston-Salem area, but turned up no sign of Sherri. Her case is unsolved.

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