Robert’s wife and kids were found mur*dered in their burning home. He hasn’t been seen in the 23 years since the mur*der.

On April 10, 2001, a vast natural gas explosion set off by a house fire prompted Scottsdale firefighters and police to respond to the home of Robert and Mary Fisher. After extinguishing the blaze, police found the charred bodies of Mary and the couple’s two children, 13-year-old Brittney, and 10-year-old Robert Jr. The fire did not ki*ll the three. Instead, the deliberately set fire was an attempt to cover up their murd*ers. Mary had been shot in the back of the head while the children’s throats had been slit. Police immediately suspected Robert of the m*urders. The problem was, he and Mary’s car were gone.

Police Found Mary’s Car

On April 20, police found Mary’s car, a 4Runner, in a forest in Young, Arizona, a town 69 miles northeast of Scottsdale. The family dog, Blue, was found underneath the car. The dog was hungry and agitated but was taken to a nearby shelter. Police searched for miles near the car without any trace of Fisher. They did not search the caves, however, leaving some to speculate he used them as hiding places before he ki*lled himself or died due to oxygen deprivation, though no evidence of Fisher has been found by professional cavers in the years since.

Although a couple reportedly told police they saw a man fitting Robert Fisher’s description on the Apache Indian Reservation near where the 4Runner was located, they elected not to search the area for the man. Another woman told police that her husband and Fisher camped together in the days before the murd*er.

Robert was described as a cruel, violent man. He was controlling and abusive toward his wife and children. His marriage with Mary was on the rocks. Family say she planned to leave Robert in the near future, but never got the chance before she was murd*ered.

Neighbors Heard Arguing at the Fisher Home

Neighbors heard a “loud argument” coming from the Fisher home about 10 pm on April 9, 2001, just a few hours before the house went up in flames. At about 10:43 p.m. an ATM camera captured Fisher withdrawing $280 from the machine. In the background, Mary’s Toyota 4Runner can be seen. Police believe the mur*ders had taken place by this time. At 8:42 a.m. on April 10, 2001, the house burst into flames.

Police believe Fisher set the house on fire to destroy evidence of the cr*ime and possibly lead police to believe that he also perished in the fire. His body was never found in the home.

Case Theories

Some people think Robert took shelter in one of the caves near where Mary’s car was found and committed suicide or succumbed to weather elements or nature. Other people think Robert planned the murd*er and has since started a new life for himself, possibly in Mexico or another country.

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