On June 10, 2017, Corey Jackson received a horrific text message from one of his friends. The text message contained a photo of a severed head sitting on the front porch steps of a random home on Deer Park Street in Jackson, Mississippi. . .

“‘I just sent you a picture, man. Tell me if that looks like Jeremy or not,” the text message read. He immediately recognized the person in the photograph as his 30-year-old brother, Jeremy Jerome Jackson.

Jackson’s Body Found

The severed head had been placed on the porch, on display, so passersby would quickly notice it. And they did. Members of the Jackson family headed to the home, a random place unrelated to the family.

‘It was just one slice. It wasn’t ragged. Whoever did that knew how to use a machete,’ Corey said.

The family had not yet processed the horrific crime when news came in that authorities had found Jeremy’s body in a field less than a mile away. The body suffered severe trauma, including a gunshot wound to the leg and severe burns.

An autopsy revealed Jeremy was alive when he was de*capitated and died from the d*ecapitation. Criminal psychologist Kaitlyn Hampshire said Jeremy would have had to be unconscious at the time he was de*capitated. She also stated that she believes that at least two people are responsible for the vicious mu*rder due to the difficulty of the cut.

Who Would Want Corey Dead?

Corey had seen his brother the day before the mu*rder, giving him a fresh haircut to help him prepare for a job interview. Jeremy reported back to his brother that he got the job. The father of three then headed out to a friend’s house.

The family could not understand who would want to hurt Jeremy or why. He was a happy person who did not hurt anyone and attended college working on a Master’s degree. He was fun-loving, a good father, and adored by many friends. As far as the family knew, he did not have any enemies or anyone that would want to hurt him.

According to Corey, police stopped updating him on his brother’s m*urder within weeks after it happened.

Did MS-13 Gang Members Ki*ll Jeremy?

Police suspected the ki*ller(s) had mu*rdered before due to the precision of the cut. Some people even speculate that Jeremy’s m*urder and d*ecapitation were the work of the MS-13 gang, although police have never confirmed if they suspect gang involvement. They hold options open, stating that the mu*rder could also be the work of a “copycat ki*ller” who wanted to emulate the gang’s mu*rder style.

Gang experts confirm the MS-13 gang has a strong presence in Jackson and throughout Mississippi. The gang is known to de*capitate and burn bodies, both of which occurred in Jeremy’s mur*der.

Jeremy’s older brother, Johnny, told reporters he believes someone targeted his brother. He stated:

“From my speculation, it was a message sent from somebody or to the city because you just don’t k*ill somebody in the bushes then take their head and put it on display. They displayed him and you could ride down the street and see it on the step. To me, it was a message to somebody.”

The murd*er remains unsolved. If you have any information that could help police solve the investigation, contact the Jackson Police at (601) 960-1234.

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