Police have arrested a woman in Pakistan on suspicion of murdering her husband, chopping his body to pieces and boiling it in a bid to get rid of the evidence.

Zainab Bibi, who is 42 years old, is said to have told police that she kil*led her husband Ahmad Abbas because he tried to sexually assault her 17-year-old daughter from a previous marriage.

She told the police that she put sleeping pills in her husband’s tea to make him sleepy and then strangled him with rope before cutting him up.

According to the police, her plot was found after neighbors told them that her house had a bad smell.

Zaheer Ahmed, Bibi’s nephew who is 22 years old, has also been arrested on charges of tearing Abbas’ body apart.

Bangladesh’s ARY News talked to Bibi from her jail cell at the Shah Faisal police station. She told them, “I ki*lled my husband before he dared to touch my daughter.”

Bedzad, Bibi’s landlord, set off the alarm. He lives on the first floor of the two-story Green Town house.

He went upstairs to complain because the smell of cooking was making him so mad.

Police say he found Bibi at the stove, cooking a korma with her husband’s arm and leg meat because she thought that was the only way to get rid of his body.

The Express Tribune, a newspaper in Pakistan, said that Bibi had been living at the house with her daughter Sonia, 17, and Mr. Abbas, whom she married five years ago and who used to be Sonia’s teacher.

Bibi was quoted in the paper as saying: ‘When he finally died, I felt shudders of fear for the first time.

‘I didn’t have the courage to approach his body for the next half an hour.

“It dawned on me that the smell could be stopped by cooking parts of the body with spices and other fragrant foods.”

But she said she wasn’t going to eat or give the dish to other people. “I had a plan to get rid of the cooked stuff by throwing it in a gutter,” she said. People would hear me say that it had gone bad.

Bibi says that she stopped Mr. Abbas from molesting her daughter more than once. He admitted that he had never touched her, but when he was drunk, he had said inappropriate things about her.

On the property, the rest of Mr. Abbas’s body was found in an aluminum trunk.

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