Brittany Renee Williams, then 7, went missing in 2000 and was presumed dead. However, a woman claims to be Williams and has the scars and DNA tests to prove it.

Brittany Renee Williams, seven years old at the time, went missing in August of 2000. Kim Parker ran an independent foster home in Henrico, Virginia, where she was being treated for AIDS. Williams hadn’t been seen in 21 years because she had stopped taking her medication and was presumed dead.

Kaylynn Stevenson, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, had little recollection of her childhood until she saw herself in a missing person’s ad for Williams online. Ladajah Kelly, her wife, was astounded by how much they resembled. According to NBC12, Stevenson took a DNA test to be sure.

The results indicated that she was Anastasia McElroy’s half-sister 95.83 percent of the time. Anastasia was the first child of Williams’ mother, Rose Marie Thompson. Despite the fact that Stevenson does not have HIV or AIDS, police have reopened the decades-old cold case due to Kim Parker’s troubling criminal history.

According to Yahoo News, Henrico police worked hard to find Williams in 2000, and they tried everything they could. They concluded that the girl would have died without her medicine and had most likely already died. Parker soon had everyone’s attention. He was charged with fraud and became a suspect.

Williams grew up in a foster home called Rainbow Kids, which Parker ran in the 1990s. She was responsible for up to 50 children, many of whom were sick or had developmental disabilities. Parker was questioned about Williams when she did not show up to school. The police discovered that she lied about sending the girl to live with two women in California.

The police thought the worst and started digging in Parker’s backyard, but they never found any bones. In the end, they found out that Parker was putting money meant for her foster children into her own bank account. She was charged with 73 counts of fraud totaling $24,000.

Henrico Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Feinmel said, “Her Rainbow Kids operation was her whole life.” “She was living off of the money she was getting.”

According to AP News, Parker admitted to two counts of Social Security fraud in July 2003 and was sentenced to eight years in prison in December of that year. She stated in court that she had given up on Williams because caring for her was too difficult.

While authorities searched for Williams in California and Virginia, Kaylynn Stevenson was living in Ohio with her adoptive parents, who gave her the name when they adopted her at the age of seven.

Stevenson stated, “You weren’t looking in the right state.”

She lived there for the majority of her life, until she married and moved to Fort Wayne to raise her daughter. She only recently began researching her family tree. She could only recall the name “Williams,” so she decided to look up “missing children” with that name on Google.

She continued, “I did remember that her last name was Williams.” “I can’t get it out of my head for some reason.” And a photo of Brittany Renee Williams appeared. “This is me!” I said to my sleeping wife. I recognize myself when I see myself. “Here I am!'”

“From the hairline to the ears, the smile to the chin,” her wife continued. “And the mole on her neck… When I put all the pieces together, I realized it was really her.”

Brittany Renee Williams Interview

Stevenson stated that she does not recall much, but she does recall a feeding tube. She has a large round scar on her stomach from surgery, but she couldn’t remember what it was for. Catheters, she claimed, were responsible for the small scars on her chest. In fact, according to the report on Williams’ disappearance, he has catheter scars.

Stevenson was finally able to recall a few hazy details from her time at Rainbow Kids.

She continued, “The room I used to live in was kind of pastel pink.” “This one little boy in a wheelchair will live on in my memory forever.” He didn’t say anything. He was a nice person.”

The FBI took DNA samples from Stevenson and McElroy without telling Stevenson who her possible half-sister was. Not only did they look great together, but McElroy burst into tears when he saw a picture of Stevenson. They’ve met up again since then, and each took their own DNA test to see what it revealed.

Stevenson has reconnected with other former Rainbow Kids who sincerely believe that the cold case has now been solved. The truth is obvious to Stevenson.

“Blood does not lie and DNA test does not lie at all,” she stated. “I am Brittany Renee Williams.”

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