Wisconsin police charged 24-year-old Taylor D. Schabusiness with first-degree homicide and mutilating a corpse, as well as third-degree se*xual a*ssault after she allegedly choked her boyfriend to death, then mutilated and dismembered his body.

A Gruesome Discovery

The horrifying find was made by the victim’s mother around 3 am, when she woke up to the sound of a door slamming. Then she called the police and told them Schabusiness was the last person who saw her son alive.

Police in Green Bay found dried blood on a bed in the bedroom. The body of the victim was found in a moving bag next to the mattress. As the police searched further, they found the victim’s “male se*xual organ” and severed head in a bucket in another part of the house. Inside Schabusiness’s minivan, they found a crock pot with “additional human body parts, including a leg.”

After searching the house, police asked Schabusiness, whose clothes were covered in blood, what happened. To which she replied, “That is a good question.”

Schabusiness then told the police that she and the victim smoked meth all night and then went to his mother’s house to have a se*xual encounter. The couple made chains a part of the experience. She told police she passed out and then went “crazy,” putting a chain around his neck and strangling him.

Found Choking Victim “Enjoyable”

Schabusiness said she didn’t mean to ki*ll the man, but she liked choking him so much that she didn’t stop. But since she was “already this far,” she kept ki*lling him even though her boyfriend started to cough up blood and turn purple. After telling the police this, Schabusiness made a joke and told them to “have fun trying to find all the body parts.”

Schabusiness first told the police that they would find all the body parts in the basement. Later, he told them that the leg was in the minivan. She told them that she covered the head with a blanket and put it in a bucket.

“Schabusiness stated she used knives that she obtained from the kitchen of the residence and that a bread knife worked the best because of the serrated blade,” according to the complaint. “Schabusiness stated that the knives should be in a black bag along with the body parts in the basement,” she said, adding that she stored the dismembered limbs in whatever bags she could find. Schabusiness stated that “at one point, she did become paranoid and lazy, and she thought it was the ‘dope’ that was making her paranoid,” according to the report.

“Schabusiness stated the plan was for her to bring all of the body parts with her but she got lazy and only ended up putting the leg/foot in the van and she forgot the head.”

Prior to dismembering the victim’s body, Schabusiness “performed se*xual acts on the body for two or three hours,” according to police reports.

Probation & Court Hearing

Schabusiness had been on probation for seven weeks and was supposed to be wearing an electronic ankle monitor when the incident occurred. The bracelet had already been removed. Authorities aren’t sure how she got rid of the bracelet.

She will appear in court for the first time later this month.

My Thoughts

I don’t have much information about this one. People here are insane. Leave the drugs alone or contact someone who can assist you. My heartfelt condolences go out to the victim’s family.

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