Chloe Jones has contusions all over her body. She is shielding her still-healing skull fracture with a hoodie. This 23-year-old wants everyone to hear her story, despite her current state.

She remarked, “I want to tell the young girls across America that getting into a car with strangers or friends of friends is not safe.”

Jones believed William Mozingo was innocent when she first met him. She accepted his offer of a ride without hesitation.

However, Mozingo did not intend to take her home, according to Akron police. Rather, it is said that he led her to a shed, shut the door, and kidnapped her.

It was extremely scary. I can’t even begin to count the number of times he threatened my life, leaving me in constant fear for your life,” Jones remarked.

Jones claims Mozingo mistreated her nonstop for four days. hitting her with a baseball bat in a physical way. Tormenting her in her mind with the thought that she would never see her child again.

What kept Jones alive was questioned by FOX 8.

She said, “My son did.” I gave him a lot of thought every day. Every day, his face was all I could think about.

Jones was located and saved by Akron police last Monday morning thanks to a tip. Mozingo was apprehended right away and faced numerous severe charges in addition to the kidnapping charge.

Mozingo has a track record of acting in this manner. Mozingo has actually been accused of and found guilty of three additional kidnappings.

Jones’ mother is hoping that Mozingo’s freedom to roam the streets will be terminated with this fourth case.

“I am angry…this is not acceptable “ she said.

The damage has already been done but now, Jones wants justice. She hopes that speaking out will help do just that.

“You don’t deserve to live life the way normal people should. I hope there is something from this that comes to light for him,” Jones said.

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