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I dislike acquiring something economical. There is absolutely nothing even worse than that sinking feeling when you open something up as well as understand it’s not long for this globe. I am additionally hard on my equipment, which led me to purchase these bulletproof headphones from an unknown firm calledGerman Maestro

But in order to speak about these headphones, I require to speak about a various set of headphones initially: the Sony MDR-7506 (as well as its terminated sibling, the Sony MDR-V6).

I modify a great deal of video clips as well as do voiceover job. And if you have actually done any kind of video clip job, you have actually probably utilized a set of Sony MDRs. They are legendary. You can identify heaven or red stripe as well as curled wire from throughout a collection. When you most likely to movie college, you are primarily released a set of MDRs like a solution rifle, as well as not without great factor.

< img alt="The Sony MDR-7506s are a market requirement, a wonderful worth, as well as I dislike ‘em." src="" decoding="async" data-nimg="fill" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;bottom:0;right:0;box-sizing:border-box;padding:0;border:none;margin:auto;display:block;width:0;height:0;min-width:100%;max-width:100%;min-height:100%;max-height:100%;object-fit:cover">
The Sony MDR-7506s are an industry standard, a fantastic value, and I hate ‘em.
Photo by Amazon

First and foremost, they’ re economical. They normally opt for concerning 80 dollars if you watch out up for sale. Their near universality on movie collections suggests that you can grab these phones at a large discount rate, making them among the much better bargains for individuals that require an earphone to do service. Next, they are closed-back headphones, flawlessly separated, which enable you to select blemishes in the mix. There is a factor you see individuals keeping an eye on sound on movie collections as well as video clip fires usingthese Third, they are relatively “flat,” as well as without obtaining as well technological as well as nit-picking, they do not attempt to spruce up what you’re hearing to appear pleasing. They’re not bass-heavyBeats These are for obtaining job done. Lastly, they are rather well constructed for the expense. They fold as well as are sturdy, which is why you can toss them in a Porta Brace bag without stressing over them obtaining ruined.

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For what they do, the MDRs are fine. But they are not excellent.

For one point, they have a method as well long, non-removable telephone wire that can be great in a workshop setup yet is humorous if you are attempting to pay attention to songs on your phone. I dislike this wire with every fiber of my being. In concept, I highly really feel that all earphone cords must be detachable, as cords can experience lots of misuse. But what truly drives me up the wall surface is I dislike the coiled design of wire. I locate that it grabs on a lot of points as well quickly, as well as every single time it obtained a twist in it, it drove me up the wall surface.

The 2nd point is that the foam pads on the MDRs simply directly suck. It’s not merely an inquiry of convenience; they are simply truly poor pads. I usually update the pads on my headphones to either Dekoni or

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