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It arised recently that Samsung has actually evidently created a chip advancement group inside its mobile department. This would certainly be a separation from the standard, as the mobile department presently depends on a sibling department for its custom-made mobile phone cpus.

This information obtained us asking yourself whether visitors assumed Samsung would certainly have the ability to create a Snapdragon- defeating mobile chip. We presented this inquiry recently, and also the outcomes are lastly in.

Do you think Samsung can create a Snapdragon- defeating mobile chip?


This was absolutely a prominent survey, building up over 9,100 ballots to day. The winning choice? Well, it ends up that nearly 56% of participants think Samsung can undoubtedly create a Snapdragon- defeating mobile chip.

It would not be the very first time Samsung beatQualcomm The Exynos 7420 was perhaps the most effective chipset of 2015 while the competitor Snapdragon 810 struggled with over-heating concerns. Samsung additionally appreciates a collaboration with AMD that can equate right into premium visual efficiency in the mobile area (although the AMD-powered Exynos 2200 had not been impressive). Toss in the current information of an internal advancement group, and also it seems like Samsung can deliver the products down the line.

Otherwise, 44% of checked visitors really felt that Samsung could not create a Snapdragon- defeating mobile phone chip. This is possibly mirrored in the short-term by the Galaxy S23 being specifically powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 internationally.

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It’s additionally worth keeping in mind that Qualcomm has a prospective ace up its sleeve with its approaching Nuvia Oryon custom-made CPU innovation, which it intends to utilize instead of Arm CPUs. Samsung is anticipated to stick to Arm CPU innovation in the meantime. So we can in theory see a huge CPU space in between Samsung and also Qualcomm in the following number of years.


  • eszklar: I have actually constantly assumed Samsung can create Exynos So Cs to be appropriate up there with Snapdragon, however something was missing out on. Whether they require to generate outdoors chip/engineering aid, or just purchase an existing firm that does layout job. Apple has actually done this with the Ax collection of mobile So Cs and also the Mx collection for tablets/desktops/laptops. Samsung allows sufficient to do this also. They can take on Apple for chip fab time.
  • daftrok: Do I think they can doing so?Yes WILL they have the ability to within the following pair years? No.
  • Beardednomad: The death of Exynos has actually been discussed for months currently. Samsung had not been satisfied with the peformance of those chips, there was also broach them switching over to Mediatek or partnering with them for their very own chipsets (which this can extremely well be associated with those reports). Samsung LSI is apparently finishing Exynos alltogether and also concentrating on wise gadgets and also iot moving forward. That can wind up being a calamity for Google as the Tensor is greatly Exynos based.
  • Daniel Hollibaugh: I think that Samsung is flawlessly efficient in going beyond Qualcomm, they simply require to obtain the most effective designers, provide time to do their ideal job, and also deal with cash like it does not exist
  • Mookie: They have the abilities however no creativity.
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