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You Tube is establishing the document directly: “Me at the zoo” is still the oldest You Tube video.

“Me at the zoo,” published on April 23rd, 2005 and also including You Tube founder Jawed Karim standing before elephants at the San Diego Zoo, is a crucial item of net background, as it notes the oldest video on among the most significant video solutions on the earth. But previously on Thursday, a video began flowing that, in some way, had an also earlier upload day: April 5th, 2005.

Titled “Welcome to YouTube!!!”, the 48-second video absolutely appears like something that can have been made use of to check out a mid-aughts video site. The video has simply one picture: a low-res visuals with a You Tube logo design with the message “Welcome to YouTube!!!!” that’s credited to Chad, Steve, and also Jawed, a most likely referral to founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and alsoJawed Karim The video is backed by Van Halen’s renowned track “Jump.”

But if you view the (currently non listed) video on You Tube’s site, you’ll possibly detect some dubious warnings. You may discover, as an example, the “Live chat is disabled for this Premiere” notification underthe video Premieres let individuals pre-schedule video clips to dip into a specific time with attributes like online conversation, and also they absolutely were not a point on 2005 You Tube. You may additionally detect that the video was published by a mystical account called enn that signed up with You Tube in September 2005, which is months after this intended earliest video was uploaded to the website. The account insurance claims that the sign up with day was “reset during a database update.”

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While I was composing this write-up, the summary claimed that the video “premiered” on April 5th; for a video this old, there usually would not be a “premiered” descriptor in advance of the day. (The summary additionally indicates a Discord web server that’s loaded with sketchy-seeming web links and also messages with bad slurs, and also I highly advise versus seeing it.) But soon prior to posting, the video changed to premiering 23 hrs earlier.

In a declaration to The Verge, You Tube speaker Kimberly Taylor claimed that “we’re aware of an issue that allowed the upload date of this video to be changed, and are working on a fix. Rest assured, the oldest video on YouTube will always be ‘Me at the zoo’ which was uploaded on April 23, 2005 by one of our co-founders and helped kickstart more than 17 years of creativity on YouTube.”

We attempted calling the uploader on Discord for remark, yet they aren’t approving pal demands or DMs from individuals that aren’t currently their pal.

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