The de*ath of a Tennessee teenager remains shrouded in mystery and controversy. Grant Solomon, an 18-year-old high school senior and talented baseball player, died in July 2020 after being struck by his own truck in the parking lot of a baseball training club in Gallatin.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding Grant’s de*ath have raised many red flags. Grant’s father, Aaron Solomon, was the only person with him at the time of the incident, marking the first time they had been together in two years. Grant had an estranged relationship with his father.

Aaron alleges that he witnessed his son exiting the truck but then said he turned away and the next thing he noticed was the truck rolling into the ditch. However, the evidence discovered at the scene of the incident and the injuries Grant suffered do not correspond with Aaron’s statement.

This multifaceted story is far from over.

Despite the highly suspicious nature of the incident, the so-called “investigation” merely involved obtaining Aaron’s statement. The Gallatin Police treated the tragic occurrence as if it were a minor parking lot incident.

As of now, the case remains closed and has not been re-examined

Angie first met Aaron in high school at a debate tournament. They attended different schools and Aaron began pursuing Angie, but she declined his advances. They reconnected in 2001 and Angie became pregnant with Grant. Aaron made plans for the two of them to get married in Vegas and 9 months later, little Grant was born.

As time went on, Aaron became controlling of Angie. His mistreatment and manipulation became intolerable. His violent outbursts were an attempt to keep her compliant, but Angie realized she needed to take action to ensure the safety of herself, her son, and their new daughter, Gracie.

It wasn’t long before Gracie disclosed to her mother that she was being s-exually a-bused by her father

Over the next ten years, Angie waged a war against not only her now ex-husband but also a corrupt judicial system, as well as a private school and church with cult-like qualities that had links to some of the highest authorities in the country.

Eventually, Gracie and her brother had to flee from their father’s house repeatedly and refused to return, which provided some relief from their abuser. However, the reprieve was short-lived as Grant died in highly suspicious circumstances while in his father’s presence.

Grant met up with his dad on July 20th, 2020 after Aaron had scheduled a private baseball practice session for him at Ward Performance Institute. They hadn’t seen each other in two years.

According to Aaron’s account, Grant’s 2015 Toyota Tacoma pickup malfunctioned, causing it to drag him down a steep asphalt hill and trapping him beneath the vehicle in a ditch. Aaron claimed that three bystanders came along and attempted to help Grant.

During the 911 call, Aaron was instructed by the operator to go down the hill to be with his son, but he never did.

Shortly after the emergency services arrived and he was transported to the hospital, Grant passed away. Aaron refused an autopsy and organ donation before Angie could get to the hospital. He also declined a forensic analysis of the truck to determine if it had malfunctioned.

With a complete lack of concern about the Tacoma’s malfunction that allegedly caused his son’s de*ath, Aaron picked it up from the tow yard 48 hours after the incident and continued to drive it for several months.

Gracie begged her father to let her have her dead brother’s truck, but he refused.

Months later, without explanation, Aaron had the truck declared a total loss and scheduled for auction. However, unbeknownst to him, Angie managed to obtain crucial evidence that could prove to be a breakthrough in the case.

A friend of Angie’s ran the truck’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and found that it was located at a scrap yard in Nashville. Angie immediately bought her son’s vehicle and had a private forensics examination conducted. The results from that exam concludes that the accident could not have occurred as Aaron described.

The Gallatin Police still refuse to open an investigation.

The three men that Aaron claimed had stopped at the scene of the accident to help Grant were never found. Despite no other witnesses, the Gallatin Police Department accepted Aaron’s statement regarding the truck’s malfunction.

However, the medical examiner’s report contradicted Aaron’s account, revealing that Grant had not suffered from any injuries consistent with being dragged down a steep asphalt hill. Instead, Grant’s cause of de*ath was determined to be cardiac arrest due to blunt force trauma to the head.

Grant Solomon’s medical examination shows a fatal blow to the back of his head. No blood was found on the pavement. A bloody rock was located by the driver’s side door.

This is the pavement of the parking lot in question. No traces of blood or human flesh were found on the pavement in the parking lot, even though Aaron said he witnessed the truck dragging Grant down into the ditch. Additionally, Grant’s body exhibited no signs of cuts, burns, or abrasions.

There was a bloody rock found next to the driver’s side door

His father was the sole witness to the incident. While the police report still deems it an accident, Grant’s mother and sister are certain that Aaron was responsible for what happened to Grant. They believe this was m*urder.

Shortly after her brother’s de*ath, Aaron attempted to gain physical custody of Gracie again, but she was able to obtain a restraining order against him. Regardless of the restraining order, the private Christian school she attended allowed him to enter the campus grounds and even asked him to be an announcer at the school’s baseball games.

The circumstances surrounding Grant’s de*ath are shrouded in mystery and confusion, leaving his family with many unanswered questions and concerns. This case requires a thorough investigation.

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