In 2023 Ana María Knezevich Henao of Colombian origin lived in Miami with her family. In that place he married a Serbian citizen, however, over time. They had problems and after 13 years he decided to divorce.

For the 40-year-old woman and owner of a successful company it was a very hard process, so much so that she even asked for medical help for depression.

According to several media for this reason, in December 2023 Ana María decided to move to Madrid, Spain, where a childhood friend lived.

In the Spanish capital she rented an apartment in the Salamanca neighborhood but since the contract ended in March, in January he decided to look for a new home.

On February 1, 2024, Ana María and her friend went to visit a house for rent. When the two said goodbye, everything seemed normal until the next day strange things began to happen.

On February 2 at about 11.30 in the morning, Ana María’s friend received a message from her in which she told her that she did not like the apartment they had seen.

Her friend answered her within a few hours but she didn’t get an answer. The next day, alarmed, she called her on the phone without success. Their silence was worrying, since on the 5th they had planned to go to Barcelona to attend an event, for which Ana María “was very excited.”

That same day at about 1 o’cm both this friend and another of Ana María, who was supposed to visit her shortly, they received an identical message on WhatsApp – the first in Spanish and the second in English – from the woman’s cell phone.

In the text I told them that I had met a “wonderful person” and that he had gone with her to a country house located two hours from Madrid, but that since there was a very bad sign there, he would contact them on his return. Since then, nothing more has been heard about her.

Alarmed, the Spanish friend went to Ana María’s home and since there would be no door, the girl called the emergency services. After telling them what happened, the Firefighters entered the floor through a window and found that there were no signs of violence or disorder.

A neighbor said that in the early morning of Saturday, February 3, she had seen light in the house.

In addition, he added that on that weekend they tried to rob the building and that is why A stranger with a helmet covered the camera of the phone at the entrance and the security camera next to the elevator with a black spray.

Faced with the situation, on the 4th, Ana María’s friend reported her disappearance at the National Police station, who have since been investigating the facts.

Both the family and the friend say that the woman had never done anything like this before and that it did not fit with her way of being.

To this they added that they doubt that the messages that reached their friends were written by her, since it is not her way of speaking or writing and it seems as if the message had passed a corrector.

Joaquín Amills, president of SOS missing people, has asked for citizen help to locate Ana María whose clue was lost more than two weeks ago. He added something to this and that is that his disappearance has worrying features from the first moment because according to him he is one of the few cases in which they have not received any clues.

“We are very accustomed to receiving calls and screening information, and it is curious that in this case, in which we will be circulating a range of three million people, we have not received any calls.”

For him, the suspicious messages, his plans to settle in Madrid and the appointments he had soon – such as a trip to Barcelona on the 5th or the visit of a foreign friend that same week – make it difficult to imagine that it is a voluntary disappearance.

At the moment, since their association they have asked the police to geolocate the woman’s phone, which now no longer gives a signal, to check where the terminal was the last time it was connected. They have also requested that the security cameras of the building in which he lived and the surroundings be checked.

Amills assures that both the US authorities and his embassy in Spain are aware of the disappearance and are in direct contact with his relatives in Florida to try to clarify what happened and find his whereabouts.

According to the data provided by SOS missing people, Ana María is 1.45 meters tall, has a thin complexion and has long, brown and wavy hair and brown eyes.

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