One of the Kansas City Chiefs fans found d*ead in an HIV scientist’s backyard was positioned on a “lawn chair on the back porch” and was not lying flat, one of the victims’ brothers revealed as he slammed cops for failing to provide the grieving families with answers.

Jonathan Price said he has been searching for answers since his brother, Ricky Johnson, 38, was found de*ad alongside David Harrington, 37, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, in the backyard of a Missouri home on Jan. 9.

“As a brother, I’m looking at everything,” Price Said.

He shared that he discovered that Harrington was “found on a lawn chair on the back porch, rather than all three laying flat, which paints a picture we didn’t have from the very beginning.”

Price also ripped apart Kansas City police, who have said there is no evidence of foul play in the victims’ de*aths — as he suggested his brother may have unknowingly taken an unknown substance.

Jonathan Price, the brother of Ricky Johnson, revealed that one of his brother’s friends was found d*ead on a lawn chair.

“I’m not saying there was or was not a crime, but if you immediately suspect no foul play, then you should have a story, you should have something to tell the families, and for no one to hear anything, that doesn’t make any sense,” he said.

“It’s the same every day with the lack of answer and the inability to truly mourn without any cause,” Price added.

“It’s just very difficult,” he said, noting: “I don’t think I’ll ever move on until, I mean, really, I’ll never move on, but especially not knowing what happened to my brother.

“I want to be involved more. My mother and Ricky’s father, they want to be involved more and we’re just not getting answers from anybody, even the people that claim they’re doing the investigation.”

Jordan Willis has claimed he spent the 48 hours between the game and when the bodies were discovered “asleep on the couch” next to a loud fan while wearing noise-canceling headphones, unaware of the flurry of calls and messages from loved ones trying to locate the missing men.

A source close to Willis said he is “devastated” by the loss of his friends and is “very depressed” by the nationwide accusations that he may have had something to do with their de*aths.

“Not only is the whole country accusing him of mu*rdering his friends without factual details, evidence or any charges at this time, but he also lost three close friends,” the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“He didn’t get to say goodbye or go to their funerals due to the circumstances of these wild speculations and accusations.”

“No one seems to be willing to wait for the results of the toxicology report or wait for any other facts from the police department from a case that is still under investigation to make these speculations.”

The source claimed that people are threatening Willis on the internet, and he has had to move out of his home due to safety concerns.

“The vitriol is awful, and I think people are afraid to speak up for him because of how vicious people are with these speculations,” the source added.

Police have emphatically said the case is not being investigated as a homicide and that Willis is not being treated as a suspect.

Toxicology reports for the d*ead men are still pending, which will affirm or deny law enforcement’s suspicions that they overdosed on drugs, making themselves vulnerable to the freezing overnight conditions.

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