Houston police are searching for the person who sta*bbed a 17-year-old girl to death near the Galleria on Saturday morning.

The de*adly incident occurred around 11:14 a.m. along the sidewalk on West Alabama near Sage Street.

Police say a sergeant working an extra job in the area was flagged down by someone who said that two females were fighting, possibly over a bag. The sergeant went to the scene and found the teen with apparent st*ab wounds.

The Houston Fire Department responded to the scene and pronounced the teen de*ad.

Police believe the teen lives in the area and was walking to or coming back from her job at a store in the Galleria.

Police described the suspect as a Hispanic or Asian female in her mid to late 20s, who was wearing a brown jacket and brown leggings. Authorities say she was riding a blue bicycle, but they have since found the bike.

Police are still working to determine the motive. They say the call initially came across as an apparent robbery, but they are not certain if that is the case. 

Police are reviewing surveillance video in the area and ask any business owners or citizens who may have video or who saw something to call HPD’s Homicide Division.

“As is usual during the holiday season, we have extra patrols in this area, and we will continue to do so,” Assistant Chief M. Martin said. “We do not believe this is something that is creating any additional danger to people shopping in the area.

But we would obviously tell people what we always tell them during the holidays, which is when you’re out shopping and you’re out in heavy public traveled areas please be aware of your surroundings and just look out for yourself and the people around you and be safe.”

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