A young woman, Katie, was overjoyed to meet her biological parents, but her joy soon turned into a nightmare. She married her biological father, had his child, and ended up being kil*led by him along with their child and her adoptive father when she tried to leave him. Katie (who used to be called Katie Fusco) did not know that Steven Pladl had a vi*olent temper, a history of abu*se, and many guns. She moved in with him and his wife in August 2016.

He then took his own life in Dover, New York. It is also worth mentioning that he had m*urdered his and Katie’s seven-month-old son, Bennett Kieron Pladl, in Knightdale, the day before.

The Beginning

Steven Pladl, who was 20 years old in 1995, met and groomed a 15-year-old girl named Alyssa. She got pregnant at 16 and had their first child at 17, who they called Denise. Alyssa said that Steven ab*used Denise, so she decided to give her up for adoption.

Alyssa holding the baby picture of Katie.

Denise was adopted by Anthony and Kelly Fusco, who gave her a new name: Katie Rose Fusco. In August 2016, when Katie was 18, she contacted her biological parents, Steven and Alyssa Pladl, on Facebook. They met in Knightdale, North Carolina, and Katie chose to live with Steven, Alyssa, and their two other children. Katie’s adoptive parents were worried, but they respected her decision.

Steven and Alyssa were already separated and slept in different rooms when Katie moved in. Steven and Katie developed a close bond in the next few months. Alyssa confronted Steven about their relationship, but he ignored her and left with Katie. In November 2016, Alyssa moved out, and Steven and Alyssa split custody of their two other children.

The Father and Daughter Relationship

Alyssa found out a shocking truth in one of their children’s journals in May 2017. She learned that Steven and Katie had a se*xual relationship and that Katie was expecting a baby.

Steven’s affair with Katie was exposed after Katie’s biological mother read her 11-year-old daughter’s diary 

She also realized that the two children were deceived into thinking that Katie was their stepmother. Alyssa called Steven right away and he confessed to the relationship and Katie’s pregnancy. Alyssa understood the seriousness of the situation and quickly called the police to report it.

Steven and Katie got married in Parkton, Maryland, on July 20, 2017. They lied about their family ties on their marriage papers. Steven’s mother and Katie’s adoptive parents attended the wedding. In September 2017, Katie delivered their child, Bennett Kieron Pladl. But in January 2018, Katie and Steven were arrested and charged with inc-est.

Steven’s lawyer defended the relationship between Steven and Katie as mutual. The lawyer also said that Steven had a strong crush on his daughter, and this feeling made him forget that they were blood-related. The lawyer blamed Steven’s marital problems as a reason. After the terrible mur*ders, the lawyer was shocked, saying that no one could have expected Steven’s actions. The lawyer also said that Steven had never shown any signs of being v*iolent when they talked.

The judge ordered Steven and Katie to stay away from each other. Steven’s mother got custody of Bennett.

Katie went back to her adoptive parents’ home after she got out on bond. She told Steven that she wanted to break up with him on the phone.

The Tragic End

Steven k*illed his seven-month-old son, Bennett, at their home on April 11, 2018. He may have suffocated Bennett, but this needs a trustworthy source to verify it.

The next day, Katie and Anthony Fusco went on their regular trip from Dover, New York to Waterbury, Connecticut to see Katie’s grandmother. They did not know that Steven had followed them to Dover and was tracking their car. Steven shot and ki*lled Katie and Anthony with an Aero as*sault-type rifle, which is like an AR-15, in New Milford, Connecticut.

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