Kentucky State Police spent several hours Tuesday searching with cadaver dogs in Reynolds Station.

Troopers say they were searching roughly five acres of woods for missing eight-month-old Miya Rudd.

The entrance to the woods is about a hundred yards from the house where the missing girl lived with her parents, Tesla Tucker and Cage Rudd, and her grandfather, Ricky Smith.

Tesla Tucker, Cage Rudd, and Ricky Smith

As we reported, they are facing several charges, including drug trafficking, child abuse, abandonment of a minor and engaging in organized crime.

“Elicit street drugs can and will destroy lives,” said Trooper Cory King.

Here is our full interview with Trooper King. It’s in two parts.

Kentucky State Police say family services removed three older siblings some time ago.

They say Miya was born in October, and her umbilical cord tested positive for meth.

Troopers say the intent was for her to join her siblings, but on May 30, other family members notified them they hadn’t seen Miya since late April.

During a search for her, state police say they found the parents, with meth and fentanyl pills in plain view, at an Owensboro hotel.

However, there was no baby.

Troopers say when asked, the parents told them that family services took the baby. When double-checked against the records of family services, KSP says that’s not true.

“We have no evidence that that’s the case, that she is deceased, but we also don’t have anything to suggest she’s alive either. At this point, she is truly a missing child, but there is no information that anyone has her, that they sold this child, that this child was abducted,” explains King. “Really, we’re getting very little to no information from those who should know the most.”

State Police say they are hopeful to have a conclusion soon, but the longer Miya is missing, the more grim the outcome will be.

As of Tuesday at 4 p.m., Miya still had not been found. Troopers will bring in special equipment later this week.

They say there is no information Miya was sold or taken.

“If someone is holding her for them, come forward. You won’t be in trouble,” said Trooper King.

“The sense of spirit with the investigators today is still hopeful and optimistic. However, the longer this goes the more grim of an outcome this will be,” says King. “Either way, everyone’s looking for closure. I believe the community deserves it. The family deserves it, and we as an agency investigating this deserve to know what happened to baby Miya.”

You can send an anonymous tip on their website.

Troopers say the tips they’ve been getting have led to ar*rests.

Miya’s grandmother, Billie Smith, is facing a domestic assault charge, and Timothy Roach is facing drug charges.

Billie Smith bonded out Tuesday afternoon on a $10,000 unsecured bond.

Kentucky State Police are asking anyone with information to contact them at 270-826-3312.

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