A woman in South Carolina allegedly called 911 asking for help and claimed her ex was chasing her before she was found de*ad, police say, according to multiple reports.

An arrest affidavit for 34-year-old Daniel Harmon from the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office obtained by WACH, WLTX and the Augusta Press alleges that Jamilla Smith called emergency services on Dec. 2, saying that her ex — identified as Harmon — had broken into her house and was chasing her.

According to the affidavit, when Smith was on the phone with a dispatcher, she sounded short of breath, and a car engine could be heard revving in the background.

“Jamilla is heard screaming and the phone appears to drop,” the affidavit continues, per the Augusta Press. A male voice could then be heard telling Smith to get in the car so he could take her to the emergency room, the affidavit alleges.

“Jamilla continues to scream and can be heard yelling no, don’t touch me, don’t hurt me please, and you hit me,” the affidavit alleges. According to the affidavit, on the 911 call, Smith can be heard saying that the man had struck her with his car. But the man denies it, instead claiming that Smith had jumped in front of his car, the affidavit alleges.

A day later, Smith’s family reported that she was missing, and on Dec. 4, police located Harmon and his vehicle, a 2023 black Dodge Charger, at a home in North Augusta. Police obtained a search warrant for the residence and the car, allegedly finding blood on the spare tire and in the trunk of the car, authorities say, according to the affidavit.

Some of the blood found was submitted to DNA testing to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the results came back on Sunday, but were redacted from the affidavit.

According to the affidavit, investigators also obtained a search warrant for Smith’s phone and noted that there was no activity since Dec. 2. Authorities claim in the affidavit that they believe Harmon hit Smith with his car and did not take her to the hospital.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office charged Harmon with mur*der in connection with Smith’s de*ath. He had already been in police custody on a kidnapping charge in connection with Smith’s disappearance.

It’s not immediately clear if Harmon has entered a plea or retained an attorney.

Smith’s body has not yet been found, and police say they will continue the search for her remains. Her family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to her location.

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