Newly revealed video shows Kansas City Chiefs fan Jordan Willis being han*dcuffed and questioned just moments after three of his friends were found frozen to de*ath in his backyard.

Neighbor Ashton Brady told NewsNation he was getting ready to go to bed when he noticed a distressed woman walking near Willis’ Missouri home on Jan. 9, when the girlfriend of one of the de*ad men finally found their bodies.

Within minutes, several police cars and an ambulance swarmed the scene, and Brady filmed Willis, the HIV scientist who hosted the party, standing on his front stoop and being questioned while in cuffs.

“Bro, what is going on right now,” Brady is heard saying on the video obtained by NewsNation. “What is going on right now?”

Brady Said ” that he assumed it was a domestic incident and went to sleep — only to discover the following day that the three fans had been found d*ead two days after Willis hosted a Chiefs watch party.

“The police searched the house, went to the backyards, everything, and I had no idea what had happened,” he said.

“The next morning I saw the news. I just was kind of in disbelief. … I watched that happen.”

New video captured Jordan Willis, the host of the fateful Kansas City Chiefs watch party, han*dcuffed after his three friends were found d*ead.
Willis was later uncuffed and taken away in a police car.

Ricky Johnson, 38, David Harrington, 37, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, were discovered de*ad in Willis’ backyard two days after they gathered at the home to watch the Chiefs play the LA Chargers.

The frantic woman Brady saw across the street was McGeeney’s fiancée, who found the bodies and called police, according to the outlet. 

Caprariello reported that Willis, 34 — who was in his underwear and holding a wine glass when cops arrived — was later uncuffed and driven away in a police car.

Willis has claimed he spent the 48 hours between the game and when the bodies were found “asleep on the couch” next to a loud fan while wearing noise-canceling headphones, unaware of the many calls and messages from loved ones trying to locate the missing men.

A source close to the friend said he is “devastated” by the loss of his friends and is “very depressed” by the nationwide accusations that he may have had something to do with the dea*ths.

Johnson’s brother Jonathan Price said that he found out that Harrington was “found on a lawn chair on the back porch, rather than all three laying flat, which paints a picture we didn’t have from the very beginning.”

He also slammed Kansas City police for failing to provide the grieving families with answers and suggested that his brother may have unknowingly ingested an unknown substance.

“I’m not saying there was or was not a cri*me, but if you immediately suspect no foul play, then you should have a story, you should have something to tell the families, and for no one to hear anything, that doesn’t make any sense,” Price said.

Police have insisted that the case is not being investigated as a homicide and that Willis is not being treated as a suspect.

Willis vehemently insists he knew nothing about the plight of his friends, whom he had no reason to harm, his attorney has repeatedly stated.

Pending toxicology reports for the de*ad men will affirm or deny law enforcement’s suspicions that they overdosed on drugs, making themselves vulnerable to the freezing conditions that night.

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