The family of Savanah Nicole Soto’s boyfriend does not believe he k*illed the pregnant Texas teen who went missing on the day she was supposed to be induced – as it was revealed that no firearms or cellphones were discovered in the car where cops found the couple’s bullet-riddled bodies.

Gabriel Guerra, whose son Matthew Guerra, 22, was found de*ad alongside his girlfriend Soto, 18, outside of a San Antonio apartment complex, insisted that his child was not responsible for the couple’s de*aths.

“They were inseparable. Was it a perfect relationship? No, but she definitely was not a prisoner there,” he said.

Guerra’s father and stepmother described how the couple was looking forward to the arrival of baby Fabian.

“We still can’t believe we’re just never going to meet him,” Guerra’s stepmother, Raquel Guerra said.

Meanwhile, his father, Gabriel, pointed out presents under a Christmas tree.

“Those are Savanah’s and Matthew’s and baby Fabian’s,” he told the outlet.

“We had to remind him at the baby shower to let Savanah open some of the gifts. He was opening all the gifts. They were both definitely happy and excited,” Gabriel said.

Soto’s brother, Jordan Corona, told CBS News that police told him that both the pregnant teen and her boyfriend were shot in the back of the head.

Soto had been in the front passenger seat with a child carrier on her lap and her boyfriend in the back, sources familiar with the probe told News 4 San Antonio.

Police did not find a firearm or Guerra’s cellphone inside the Kia sedan where the couple was found Tuesday.

Guerra’s family described their efforts in trying to locate the missing couple on Saturday, the day Soto was expected to be induced.

“Once it was, like, the 2:30 p.m. mark, we started panicking,” Gabriel told the outlet. “I started calling. I’m calling, racing home, racing over there, calling police.”

He said he raced to his son’s apartment, where he kicked in the door and found a lit candle and the diaper bag that Soto planned to take with her to the appointment.

“That’s when I saw Savanah’s overnight bag for the hospital that she didn’t take with her and that even threw me more in a panic,” Gabriel told Fox San Antonio.

He said he asked Leon Valley police whether authorities could request his son’s location data information, but that a detective told him it was unlikely a judge would grant the request because the situation lacked exigent circumstances.

“(The detective) basically said, ‘They’re adults and if they want to disappear, they can disappear,” he told News 4. “And, again, I reminded them, the baby is overdue, has been overdue — they missed the due date.

“And to me that’s a life-threatening … I mean, there should have been more urgency,” he added.

The detective told the outlet that he had been instructed by the police chief to direct questions to the San Antonio Police Department, which did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

“I just hope we can get to the bottom of this,” Raquel told News 4. “And justice be served, because I just can’t fathom how anybody could do that  to a pregnant woman/ I just can’t get that out of my head.”

Gabriel said he knows Guerra was arrested in 2022 for domestic abuse against Savanah — and even suggested that the boyfriend stay in custody longer.

“They had contacted each other on the phone and that was a violation, so they can please keep him in there and unfortunately it would have to be Savanah to say that, and she wouldn’t do it, so he was let out,” he told the outlet, adding that domestic abuse charges were never filed again.

Guerra was reportedly on probation for assaulting Soto on Christmas Day last year.

Gabriel said his son had a criminal history that included unlawful carry of a weapon, evading police, and an assault charge causing bodily injury.

In June, a judge granted Guerra probation for the family violence case and permitted him to have contact with Soto as long as it was not  “harmful or injurious,” according to court documents.

The probation was set to expire in June 2024, but a judge extended it to February 2025 after Guerra picked up additional, unrelated charges including unlawful carrying of a weapon, evading arrest in a vehicle, and reckless driving, according to the paper.

“He didn’t hang around the best crowd,” Gabriel said, but added that he believed the young man was going to change when he became a dad himself.

“He talked about how it was going to make him better, a better person,” Gabriel Said.

Meanwhile, Soto’s mother, Gloria Cordova, also said she is seeking answers about the mysterious dea*ths.

“Why was she in the front and he was in the back? Obviously, that says someone else was there,” she asked, adding that she suspects Guerra was involved in illegal activity, according to the outlet.

“I think it had something to do with him and things that he was doing, not my daughter,” Cordova said.

“My daughter just was there with him and they didn’t want … they didn’t want someone to say what happened, somebody that’s going to say it’s so-and-so or this is what he looked like. She just was there at the wrong time,” she added.

“He used to abuse her and I told her to get out of the relationship, but she — she was hard-headed, she wouldn’t listen. But I think this time she was going to leave him already. That’s what I’m hearing,” Cordova told the outlet.

“They took an innocent, an innocent girl that was going to be a mommy, they just took her life for nothing,” Cordova Said.

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