An Oklahoma City mother is searching for answers in the unsolved mur*der that took her son’s life two years ago.

Ryan Goss was found shot de*ad near Southwest 82nd Street and May Avenue.

Jennifer Goss-Lambert said her son’s de*ath still doesn’t seem real.

“He was really young you know he still had a whole lot of life to live and now he gets to sit on my counter,” she said, his ashes sitting nearby.

Her son’s de*ath, she said, “follows me wherever I go.”

And his dea*th didn’t impact only her. His de*ath impacts the three daughters he left behind.

“It’s disturbing that you could just leave somebody in the middle of the road and not even care that he was a father, a son, a brother,” she said.

Even worse than leaving her son “in the street like a piece of trash” was being unable to attend his funeral, she said.

Goss-Lambert was in prison when her son died. She was notified and then returned to her cell.

But, she said, the lack of answers makes it hardest to begin to move on.

“We want to know why,” she said.

Goss-Lambert and others are planning a memorial Saturday for Goss.

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