The pregnant Texas teen who was found de*ad just days after she was set to be induced, along with her boyfriend, died from gu*nshot injuries, family and police said Wednesday.

Savanah Nicole Soto,18, and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, 22, were discovered de*ad from gu*nshot wounds in the latter’s Kia Optima on Tuesday, KSAT said, citing the victim’s relatives and the San Antonio police.

An unborn baby was also pronounced d*ead at the scene, the report added.

Though police have not officially confirmed the victims’ identities, Soto’s sister-in-law, Joanie Wasil, told KSAT that she was contacted by someone on Facebook saying they noticed the car, which prompted her to report the find to authorities.

The worried family also went to the scene, where Wasil said she saw Soto de*ad in the front passenger seat and Guerra in the back.

Wasil glanced at Soto’s face “and didn’t want to see any more,” she told KSAT.

The San Antonio Police Department did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for a comment.

Soto was last seen on Friday afternoon, and raised her family’s concerns when she failed to show up at the hospital for her scheduled induction on Saturday.

The Leon Valley teen’s loved ones were also unable to contact Guerra, they said at the time.

Their tragic d*eaths are being investigated as a “possible murder,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said Tuesday.

At the time of the couple’s disappearance, Guerra was already on probation for assaulting Soto on Christmas Day 2022, News4SanAntonio reported, citing court documents.

Guerra was also arrested on Dec. 29, 2022, for contacting Soto in person, which violated the condition of his bail on the assault charge, the outlet explained.

In June, a judge granted Guerra probation for the family violence case, and permitted him to have contact with Soto as long as it was not “harmful or injurious,” the papers showed.

As part of the terms of his probation, Guerra was also forbidden from owning firearms.

The probation was initially set to expire in June 2024, but a judge extended the rap to February 2025 after Guerra picked up additional, unrelated charges including unlawful carrying of a weapon, evading arrest in a vehicle, and reckless driving, the court docket showed.

The 22-year-old was also penalized for failing to comply with the Battering Intervention and Prevention Program, which he was ordered to complete.

“Do you think it’s normal that he wasn’t on an ankle monitor with this arrest history?” News4SanAntonio reporter Mariah Medina asked a local defense attorney on X Wednesday alongside a screenshot of Guerra’s lengthy criminal history over the last 12 months.

Before the couple’s bodies were discovered, Soto’s family also implied that Guerra was abusive toward the young mom-to-be.

“I won’t allow you to be one of those statistics of what happens when u have an abusive boyfriend,” Wasil wrote on Facebook alongside several photos.

Wasil told KSAT this week that Soto was completely focused on becoming a mother.

“It’s all she was talking about since she got pregnant … That was her life,” the sister-in-law  said. “She was so ready to be a mom. I think she was meant to be a mom.”

Guerra’s relatives, however, have defended him on social media.

“I was always a good mommy to my baby [now] I am heart broken [sic] and Noone will take the love I carry in my heart and soul for my pride and joy!!!!” Guerra’s mother, Karen Hernandez, wrote on Facebook after news of her son’s d*eath went public.

Hernandez previously deleted a post in which she insisted that “i know my son and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt [Savanah].”

Guerra’s brother also gave an update in an emotional Facebook video.

“My brother has a lot of enemies, he has a lot of enemies in San Antonio,” the worried brother said in the Monday clip.

“This is not like me brother at all,” he added of the couple’s disappearance.

The tragic de*aths of Soto, Guerra and their child come less than two years after the teen’s 15-year-old brother, Ethan, was shot and k*illed in May 2022, KSAT added.178

Soto’s family attacked Ethan’s alleged kil*ler, Victor Nathaneal Rivas, in court in October.

Ethan is believed to have been ki*lled in a brawl over a drug robbery, the outlet explained.

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