The young armorer for the doomed Alec Baldwin film “Rust” is struggling behind bars as she waits out sentencing on a manslaughter charge in the 2021 dea*th of Halyna Hutchins, according to her lawyer.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 26, is being held at a New Mexico detention center after being found guilty Wednesday of involuntary manslaughter in the accidental sh*ooting d*eath of Hutchins, attorney Jason Bowles.

She was in charge of the guns used in the Western when Baldwin s*hot Hutchins with a prop gun that had been unknowingly loaded with live ammunition during a rehearsal for the movie which was being filmed at a ranch outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

A jury convicted Gutierrez-Reed after three hours of deliberation, finding she was ultimately responsible for the live rounds on set.

During the trial, prosecutors said she repeatedly flouted gun safety protocols that could have detected the live rounds she’s accused of unknowingly bringing onto the movie.

Bowles said he plans to appeal Hannah’s conviction, seeking to overturn the verdict and judgment.

Her legal team said in court she had been overworked by the production and the sh*ooting was not her fault.

Filmmaker Halayna Hutchins, seen here in 2018, was killed when Alec Baldwin fired a gun at her on the “Rust” movie set in 2021 that turned out to have live ammo in it.

They were all sh*ocked at the g*uilty verdict, he added.

Gutierrez-Reed is facing up to 18 months in pri*son.

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