A Texas woman Jennifer Rossi was taken into custody on 6 March after a drink she purportedly created to safeguard her son’s beverages from being taken at school resulted in another child (her son bully) being hospitalized, as per local law enforcement.

Jennifer Lynn Rossi, aged 45, is charged with causing injury to a child after the unsuspecting recipient of the drink began experiencing nausea and a headache upon consuming it on March 5.

The mixture, concealed within a sports drink bottle, was found to contain lemon, salt, and vinegar. Although the ingredients were not inherently harmful, the child required additional medical attention at a hospital following ingestion, stated the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office in San Antonio.

Sheriff Javier Salazar of Bexar County commented, “Whether the allegations of bullying at the root of this situation are substantiated or not, there is never an excuse to take matters into your own hands and injure a child,” in an emailed statement.

Legacy Traditional Schools in Texas, where the incident reportedly occurred at their San Antonio location, mentioned that disciplinary actions would be taken against the student who brought the drink to school.

“We thank the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office for its investigation into this serious incident, and commend students and staff members who acted promptly by alerting the administration and local authorities,” stated the charter school system in a statement shared with HuffPost.

A school representative declined to comment on whether there had been any previous complaints of bullying involving Rossi’s child or the hospitalized child, citing an inability to discuss disciplinary actions, conduct, or any personally identifiable information of students.

Rossi, who posted a $1,000 bond on March 6, did not have a listed attorney representing her in online records.

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