23-year-old Jasmine Robinson lived in Archer, Florida. Her grandmother raised her and she was incredibly close with her aunt and her older sister, Shantavia. In high school, Jasmine was a rising basketball star, earning her the nickname “Beezy” which followed her well into adulthood. She sang in the church choir and was described as a sweet girl with a silly sense of humor who always kept others around her laughing.

In 2018, Jasmine discovered she was pregnant. Unfortunately, loved ones would never get to surprise Jasmine with a baby shower or meet her daughter, whom she planned to name Jamillia, as Jasmine suddenly vanished without a trace when she was 7 months pregnant.

On February 18, 2019, Jasmine’s grandmother picked her up from work, dropped her off at their home, and took off. It’s unclear where her grandmother went, however, Jasmine was home alone that night.

Jasmine’s grandmother recalled that Jasmine was fuming when she picked her up that evening. Unfortunately, Jasmine didn’t tell her grandmother, or anyone for that matter, what had happened or why she was upset.

Later that evening at 8 pm, Jasmine spoke on the phone with her aunt and didn’t mention that anything was wrong. Her aunt made plans to pick Jasmine up the next morning for her pre-natal appointment and they said goodnight.

When Jasmine’s aunt arrived to pick her up the next morning, Jasmine was nowhere to be found. She called her several times but there was no answer which was unlike her. Other family members also tried to contact Jasmine, to no avail. They reported her missing the next day, February 20th.

Before she went missing, Jasmine told Shantavia that the father of her unborn child was harassing her. She complained he continuously called her both on her cell phone and at work. He didn’t want Jasmine to have the baby but she was excited to become a mother — with or without him.

Authorities claim there were indicators that Jasmine was not alone in her grandmother’s home when she left and that she did not leave voluntarily. All of her personal belongings were left behind including her purse, clothing, and money. They have spoken to multiple people but have not revealed whether the father of Jasmine’s unborn child has been ruled out.

Four years later, the search for Jasmine Robinson and her unborn child continues. Today, she would be 27 years old. If you have any information, contact Alachua County Sheriff’s Office at 352–367–4083.

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