Tyler Goodrich was last seen in Lincoln, Nebraska on November 3, 2023. He vanished from his home after getting into figh*t with his husband.

early life of tyler

Tyler Goodrich was born on April 2, 1988. He has three sisters and a younger brother. He is the father of two teenage sons whom he adopted with his husband, Marshall Vogel.

Goodrich grew up in Bennet, Nebraska. He attended Palmyra High School where he played golf and basketball along with running cross country. He came out in his 20’s.

Goodrich is a resident of Lincoln Nebraska, a 20 minute drive from where his family still resides. He lived with his husband and their two adopted sons in a house on West Burnham Street.

Goodrich is a National Guard veteran and worked at the Nebraska Department of Corrections in Omaha. He is an avid runner and marathoner.

Disappearance of Tyler Goodrich

On November 3, 2023, Tyler Goodrich worked a shift at the Nebraska Department of Corrections in Omaha where he was employed. Around 5:30 pm, Goodrich went to Costco to pick up pizza for dinner for the family.

Goodrich returned home soon after and had dinner with his husband, Marshall Vogel, and their youngest son. Later that night, the couple reportedly got into an argument upon discussing their relationship and Vogel ended up calling 911.

While Vogel was on the phone with 911, Tyler left their home through the garage.

Around 7:41 pm, Goodrich was last seen on security camera running along a gravel road south of his home in Lincoln, Nebraska. When police eventually arrived, Goodrich was nowhere to be seen.

Tyler Goodrich never returned home and hasn’t been heard from since. He didn’t show up for a team marathon he had signed up for that weekend.

At 9:35 am on November 4, 2023, his husband filed a missing person report with the Lincoln Police Department when Tyler failed to return home.

Investigation of case

Tyler Goodrich disappeared with his wallet and cellphone which last pinged to an area in South West 13th and West Van Dorn streets near his home.

Authorities reviewed surveillance footage of Tyler from Costco on the day he disappeared and state he did appear to be in any distress.

His phone records, bank account, and social media have had no activity since he disappeared.


Police found no evidence for foul play in Tyler Goodrich’s disappearance. The circumstances of Tyler’s disappearance remain unclear and his case is currently classified as missing. His case remains unsolved.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Tyler Goodrich please contact the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office at (402) 441-6500.

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