In April 2021, 39-year-old Lindy “Indy” Kidd traveled from California to Ohio to attend an “Expelling the Darkness Training” conference. Indy struggled with several health issues, one of which required her to take daily seizure medication. She had learned of the conference after connecting with an online support group.

In the days leading up to the event, Indy posted four videos on her YouTube channel, Indra Sunyata. She said she was nervous about the conference but was relying on her faith in God. Indy mentioned that the people she lived with in Los Angeles thought she was crazy and that something felt off because they let her go to the conference.

In the last video, Indy spoke about growing up in foster care. She was deeply hurt when she asked her foster family to adopt her, and they said no. Indy was fifteen at the time and soon turned to dr*ugs.

Indy kept in contact with Paulo Reyes until the first day of the conference, on April 23. Sources differ on whether he was her fiancé or ex-boyfriend and roommate. The two met in 2012 when Paulo let Indy display her art at a cafe he ran in Eugene, California.

Paulo, who remained in Los Angeles, booked Indy a Lyft for her to take from the DoubleTree Hotel in Newark to the conference at the House of New Hope on Mount Vernon Road in St. Louisville. We know Indy made it to the event because her debit card was used for the last time to pay for the entrance fee.

According to the advertisement, the conference is an “advanced training on spiritual warfare and its connection to satanic ritual abuse… & end of days prophecy.” They say the event is for those who want to:

  • grow from believers to powerhouses,
  • recognize spiritual darkness in those around us,
  • learn about your authority and power over darkness,
  • minister to those caught in its web of deceit and destruction.
  • Indy was particularly interested in attending a panel by Through the Black, a YouTube channel she liked. Paulo says an attendee saw her there. He tried contacting those who run the channel, but they didn’t reply.

The conference was two days long, and it’s uncertain if Indy returned the next day.

There have been no updates on the 39-year-old’s whereabouts. Shortly after she went missing, Paulo told reporters Indy had not refilled her medication and that he was “afraid of what has happened to her without it.”

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