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Why do I have such a high bounce rate?”

It’s a concern you’ll come across on Twitter, Reddit, as well as your preferred electronic advertising Facebook team.

It’s a concern you might have also asked on your own. Heck, maybe the inquiry that brought you to this post.

Whatever brought you right here, felt confident: There is no “perfect” bounce rate.

But you do not always desire one that’s as well high.

Read on as we explore what might be creating your high bounce rate as well as what you can do to repair it.

What Is A Bounce Rate?

As a refresher course, Google describes a “bounce” as “a single-page session on your site.”

Bounce rate describes the percent of site visitors that leave your website (or “bounce” back to the search results page or referring website) after checking out just one web page on your website.

This can also take place when an individual idles on a web page for greater than thirty minutes.

So, what is a high bounce rate, as well as why is it poor?

Well, “high bounce rate” is a family member term that depends upon your business’s objectives as well as what sort of website you have.

Low bounce prices can be an issue, as well.

Data from Semrush recommends the typical bounce rate arrays from 41% to 55%, with a series of 26% to 40% being ideal, as well as anything over 46% is thought about “high.”

This straightens well with information from an earlier RocketFuel research study, which discovered that the majority of internet sites will certainly see bounce prices in between 26% to 70%:

Bounce rates between 26% to 70%.Screenshot from, September 2022

Based on the information they collected, RocketFuel supplied a bounce rate grading system of kinds:

  • 25% or reduced: Something is possibly damaged.
  • 26-40%: Excellent.
  • 41-55%: Average.
  • 56-70%: Higher than regular, however can make good sense relying on the website.
  • 70% or greater: Bad and/or something is possibly damaged.

How To Find Your Bounce Rate In Google Analytics

In Google Analytics 4, Google appears to have gotten rid of bounce rate as we understand it (extra on this in a little bit).

In Universal Analytics, you can locate the total bounce rate for your website in the Audience Overview tab.

How To Find Your Bounce Rate In Google AnalyticsScreenshot from Google Analytics UA, September 2022

You can locate your bounce rate for specific networks as well as web pages in the habits column of the majority of sights in Google Analytics.

12 Reasons Your Website Can Have A High Bounce RateScreenshot from Google Analytics UA, September 2022

However, the majority of companies are presently transitioning to Google Analytics 4, passionately referred to as GA4.

If your company remains in that watercraft, you might be questioning, “Where did the bounce rate go?”

Your eyes aren’t fooling you; Google undoubtedly eliminated the bounce rate. Or, instead, they changed it with a brand-new as well as enhanced statistics called “engagement rate.”

In GA4, you can locate your website’s bounce rate involvement rate by browsing to Acquisition > > User procurement or Acquisition > > Traffic procurement

Engagement rate solutions a few of the risks that afflicted bounce rate as a statistics. For one, it consists of sessions where a site visitor transformed or invested at the very least 10 secs on the web page, also if they did not check out any kind of various other web pages– 2 kinds of sessions that were not factored in formerly.

As an outcome, you need to see your bounce rate reduced in GA4. Once you do a little of mathematics, that is.

To determine your brand-new bounce rate, you merely deduct your involvement rate from 100%.

how to find bounce rate aka engagement rate in google analytics 4 ga4Screenshot from Google Analytics 4, September 2022

While bounce rate is a crucial statistics, I enjoy to see Google made this modification.

Instead of concentrating on the unfavorable, it urges us to concentrate on the favorable: How many individuals are involved with your website.

Plus, it’s a much more exact as well as appropriate statistics currently.

In GA4, involvement rate counts a site visitor as “engaged” if they went to 2+ web pages, invested at the very least 10 secs on your website or transformed.

Now, allow’s return to what you came right here for: Why your bounce rate is high as well as what you can do regarding it.

Possible Explanations For A High Bounce Rate

Below are 12 usual sources of a high bounce rate, adhered to by 5 methods you can repair it.

1. Slow-To-Load Page

Google has actually a restored concentrate on website rate, specifically as a component of the Core Web Vitals effort.

A slow-to-load web page can be a big issue for bounce prices.

Site rate belongs to Google’s ranking formula. It constantly has actually been.

Google intends to advertise material that gives a favorable experience for individuals, as well as they identify that a sluggish website can supply an inadequate experience.

Users desire the realities quickly– this belongs to the factor Google has actually placed a lot infiltrate highlighted fragments.

If your web page takes longer than a couple of secs to lots, your site visitors might obtain fed up as well as leave.

Fixing website rate is a long-lasting trip for the majority of search engine optimization as well as advertising pros.

But the advantage is that with each step-by-step solution, you need to see a step-by-step increase in rate.

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Review your web page rate (total as well as for specific web pages) utilizing devices like:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Google Search Console PageSpeed records.
  • Lighthouse records.
  • Pingdom
  • GTmetrix.

They’ll provide you referrals details to your website, such as pressing your pictures, lowering third-party manuscripts, as well as leveraging web browser caching.

2. Self-Sufficient Content *

Sometimes your material is reliable sufficient that individuals can swiftly obtain what they require as well as bounce!

This can be a terrific point.

Perhaps you have actually attained the material marketing expert’s desire as well as produced incredible material that completely ate them for a handful of mins in their lives.

Or maybe you have a touchdown web page that just calls for the customer to finish a brief lead kind.

To figure out whether bounce rate is absolutely nothing to bother with, you’ll wish to consider the Time Spent on Page as well as Average Session Duration metrics in Google Analytics.

You can likewise carry out customer experience screening as well as A/ B screening to see if the high bounce rate is an issue.

If the customer is investing a number of mins or even more on the web page, that sends out a favorable signal to Google that they discovered your web page very appropriate to their search inquiry.

If you wish to place for that certain search inquiry, that sort of customer intent is gold.

If the customer is investing much less than a min on the web page (which might hold true of an appropriately maximized touchdown web page with a quick-hit CTA kind), think about attracting the visitor to review a few of your associated article after filling in the kind.

*This is an instance where GA4’s involvement rate might be an exceptional statistics to UA’s bounce rate. In GA4, this sort of session would certainly not count as a bounce as well as would certainly rather count as “engaged.”

3. Disproportional Contribution By A Few Pages

If we increase on the instance from the previous area, you might have a couple of web pages on your website that are adding disproportionally to the total bounce rate for your website.

Google is wise at identifying the distinction in between these.

If your solitary CTA touchdown web pages fairly please customer intent as well as trigger them to bounce swiftly after taking an activity, however your longer-form material web pages have a reduced bounce rate, you’re possibly great to go.

However, you will certainly wish to dig in as well as verify that this holds true or uncover if a few of these web pages with a greater bounce rate should not be creating individuals to leave en masse.

Open upGoogle Analytics Go to Behavior > > Site Content > > Landing Pages, as well as kind by Bounce Rate.

Consider including an innovative filter to eliminate web pages that could alter the outcomes.

For instance, it’s not always useful to struggle over the one Twitter show to 5 sees that have all your social UTM specifications added onto completion of the link.

My general rule is to figure out a minimal limit of quantity that is substantial for the web page.

Choose what makes good sense for your website, whether it’s 100 sees or 1,000 sees, and after that click Advanced as well as filter for Sessions above that.

Disproportional Contribution By A Few Pages

In GA4, browse to Acquisition > > User procurement or Acquisition > > Traffic procurement From there, click “Add filter +” beneath the record title.

Select filter in Google Analytics 4

Create a filter by picking “Session default channel grouping” (or “Session medium” or “Session source / medium” and so on). Then inspect package for “Organic Search” in the Dimension worths food selection.

Google Analytics filter report by Organic Search

Click heaven Apply switch. Once you’re back in the record, click heaven plus indication to open a brand-new food selection.

add filer in google analytics 4

Navigate to Page/ display as well as pick Landing web page

google analytics 4 additional filters

4. Misleading Title Tag And/Or Meta Description

Ask on your own: Is the material of your web page precisely summed up by your title tag as well as meta summary?

If not, site visitors might enter your website believing your material has to do with something, just to locate that it isn’t, and after that recuperate to whence they came.

Whether it was an innocent blunder or you were attempting to video game the system by maximizing for keyword clickbait (pity on you!), this is, luckily, basic sufficient to take care of.

Either examine the material of your web page as well as change the title tag as well as meta summary as necessary. Or, reword the material to attend to the search questions you wish to bring in site visitors for.

You can likewise inspect what sort of meta summary Google has actually auto-generated for your web page for usual searches– Google can alter your meta summary, as well as if they make it even worse, you can take actions to fix that.

5. Blank Page Or Technical Error

If your bounce rate is extremely high as well as you see that individuals are investing much less than a couple of secs on the web page, it’s most likely your web page is empty, returning a 404, or otherwise not filling appropriately.

Take a take a look at the web page from your target market’s most prominent web browser as well as tool arrangements (e.g., Safari on desktop computer as well as mobile, Chrome on mobile, and so on) to duplicate their experience.

You can likewise sign in Search Console under Coverage to uncover the problem from Google’s point of view.

Correct the problem on your own or speak to somebody that can– a problem such as this can trigger Google to drop your web page from the search results page quickly.

12 Reasons Your Website Can Have A High Bounce Rate

6. Bad Link From Another Website

You can be doing whatever completely on your end to accomplish a typical or reduced bounce rate from natural search results page as well as still have a high bounce rate from your reference web traffic.

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The referring website can be sending you unqualified site visitors, or the support message as well as context for the web link can be deceptive.

Sometimes this is an outcome of careless copywriting.

The author or author connected to your website in the incorrect component of the duplicate or really did not imply to connect to your website in any way.

Reach bent on the writer of the post initially. If they do not react or they can not upgrade the post after posting, after that you can intensify the problem to the website’s editor or web designer.

Politely ask to eliminate the web link to your website– or upgrade the context, whichever makes good sense.

(Tip: You can conveniently locate their call info with this overview.)

Unfortunately, the referring website might be attempting to undermine you with some unfavorable search engine optimization techniques out of spite or simply for enjoyable.

For instance, they might have connected to your “Guide To Adopting A Puppy” with the support message of FREE OBTAIN ABUNDANT FAST SYSTEM

You need to still connect as well as pleasantly ask to eliminate the web link, however if required, you’ll wish to upgrade your disavow documents in Search Console.

Disavowing the web link will not decrease your bounce rate, however it will certainly inform Google not to take that website’s web link right into account when it pertains to identifying the top quality as well as significance of your website.

7. Affiliate Landing Page Or Single-Page Site *

If you’re an associate, the entire factor of your web page might be to purposely send out individuals far from your website to the vendor’s website.

In these circumstances, you’re getting the job done right if the web page has a greater bounce rate.

A comparable circumstance would certainly be if you have a single-page website, such as a touchdown web page for your digital book or a straightforward profile website.

It’s usual for websites like these to have an extremely high bounce rate considering that there’s no place else to go.

Remember that Google can typically inform when a website is doing a great task pleasing customer intent also if the customer’s inquiry is addressed extremely swiftly (websites like WhatIsMy enter your mind).

If you’re interested, you can change your bounce rate so it makes even more feeling for the objectives of your website.

For Single Page Apps (or SPAs), you can change your analytics setups to see various components of a web page as a various web page, changing the bounce rate to much better mirror the customer experience.

*This is an additional instance where GA4’s involvement rate might be an exceptional statistics to UA’s bounce rate. If you have actually established it up to make sure that a click your associate web link is thought about a conversion occasion, this sort of session would certainly not count as a bounce as well as would certainly rather count as “engaged.”

8. Low-Quality Or Underoptimized Content

Visitors might be jumping from your website since your material is simply ordinary poor.

Take a long, tough consider your web page as well as have your most judgmental as well as straightforward associate or close friend examine it.

(Ideally, he or she either has a history in material advertising or copywriting, or they come under your target market).

One opportunity is that your material is wonderful, however you simply have not maximized it for on-line analysis– or for the target market that you’re targeting.

  • Are you composing in basic sentences (believe secondary school pupils versus PhDs)?
  • Is it conveniently scannable with great deals of header tags?
  • Does it easily respond to concerns?
  • Have you consisted of pictures to separate the duplicate as well as make it simple on the eyes?

Writing for the internet is various than composing for offline magazines.

Brush up your on-line copywriting abilities to enhance the moment individuals invest reviewing your material.

The various other opportunity is that your material is improperly created total or merely isn’t something your target market respects.

Consider employing a freelance copywriter (like me!) or material planner that can assist you change your concepts right into effective material that transforms.

9. Bad Or Obnoxious UX

Are you pestering individuals with advertisements, pop-up studies, as well as e-mail subscribe switches?

CTA-heavy functions like these might be alluring to the advertising as well as sales group, however utilizing way too many of them can make a site visitor run for capitals.

Google’s Core Web Vitals are everything about customer experience– not just are they ranking elements, however they influence your website visitors’ joy, as well.

Is your website puzzling to browse?

Perhaps your site visitors are wanting to check out extra, however your blog site is missing out on a search box, or the food selection things are tough to click a mobile phone.

As on-line marketing experts, we understand our internet sites in as well as out.

It’s simple to neglect that what appears instinctive to us is anything however to our target market.

Make certain you’re preventing these usual style blunders, as well as have an internet or UX developer examine the website as well as allow you recognize if anything bulges to them as bothersome.

10. The Page Isn’ t Mobile-Friendly

While Search engine optimizations recognize it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly website, the method isn’t constantly adhered to in the real life.

Google introduced its button to mobile-first indexing back in 2017, however lots of internet sites today still would not be thought about mobile-friendly.

Websites that have not been maximized for mobile do not look great on mobile phones– as well as they do not pack as well quickly, either.

That’s a dish for a high bounce rate.

Even if your website was applied utilizing receptive style concepts, it’s still feasible that the real-time web page does not review as mobile-friendly to the customer.

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Sometimes, when a web page obtains pressed right into a mobile style, it creates a few of the vital info to relocate listed below the layer.

Now, rather than seeing a heading that matches what they saw in search, mobile individuals just see your website’s navigating food selection.

Assuming the web page does not provide what they require, they recuperate to Google.

If you see a web page with a high bounce rate as well as no glaring concerns right away leap bent on you, examine it on your cellphone.

You can likewise look for mobile concerns in Google Search Console as well as Lighthouse.

11. Content Depth *

Google can provide individuals fast responses with included fragments as well as understanding panels; you can provide individuals deep, intriguing, interconnected material that’s an action past that.

Make certain your material urges individuals to click to check out various other web pages on your website if it makes good sense.

Provide intriguing, appropriate inner web links, as well as provide a factor to remain.

And for the group that desires the fast solution, provide a TL; DR recap on top.

*This is an additional instance where GA4’s involvement rate might be an exceptional statistics to UA’s bounce rate. If your material is deeply gripping, individuals will certainly maintain analysis after the 10-second mark, leading GA4 to count their session as “engaged” rather than a bounce.

12 Asking For Too Much

Don’ t ask somebody for their charge card number, social safety and security, granny’s pension plan, as well as youngsters’s names instantly (or ever before, in a few of those instances)– your customer does not trust you yet.

People prepare to be dubious, taking into consideration the amount of fraud internet sites are available.

Being offered with a large pop-up requesting for information will certainly trigger a great deal of individuals to bounce right away.

Your task is to develop count on with your site visitors.

Do so, as well as you’ll both be better. Your site visitor will certainly seem like they can trust you, as well as you’ll have a reduced bounce rate.

Either means, if it makes individuals satisfied, Google likes it.

Pro Tips For Reducing Your Bounce Rate

Regardless of the factor behind your high bounce rate, right here’s a recap of ideal methods you can carry out to bring it down.

Make Sure Your Content Lives Up To The Hype

Together, you can think about your title tag as well as meta summary as your website’s digital signboard on Google.

Whatever you’re promoting in the SERPs, your material requires to match.

Don’ t call your web page an “ultimate guide” if it’s a brief message with 3 ideas.

Don’ t case to be the “best” vacuum cleaner if your customer evaluations reveal a three-star ranking.

You understand.

Also, make your material understandable:

  • Break up your message with great deals of white area.
  • Add sustaining pictures.
  • Use brief sentences.
  • Spellcheck is your close friend.
  • Use a great, tidy style.
  • Don’ t bombard site visitors with way too many advertisements.

Keep Critical Elements Above The Fold

Sometimes, your material matches what you market in your title tag as well as meta summary. It’s simply that your site visitors can not inform initially look.

When individuals show up on a website, they make a prompt impression.

You desire that impression to verify whatever they believed they were visiting when they got here.

A famous H1 ought to match the title they keep reading Google.

If it’s an ecommerce website, an image ought to match the item summary they saw on Google.

Also, ensure these aspects aren’t covered by pop-ups or ads.

Speed Up Your Site

When it pertains to search engine optimization, much faster is constantly much better.

Keeping up with website rate is a job that ought to stay strongly stuck at the top of your search engine optimization order of business.

There will certainly constantly be brand-new methods to press, enhance, as well as or else increase lots time. For currently, ensure to:

  • Compress all pictures prior to filling them to your website, as well as just make use of the optimum display screen dimension needed.
  • Review as well as eliminate any kind of exterior or load-heavy manuscripts, stylesheets, as well as plugins. If there are any kind of you do not require, eliminate them. For the ones you do require, see if there’s a much faster alternative.
  • Tackle the fundamentals: Use a CDN, minify JavaScript as well as CSS, as well as established web browser caching.
  • Check Lighthouse for even more recommendations.

Minimize Non-Essential Elements

Don’ t pester your site visitors with pop-up advertisements, in-line promos, as well as various other material they uncommitted around.

Visual bewilder can trigger site visitors to bounce.

What CTA is one of the most vital for the web page?

Compellingly emphasize that.

For whatever else, entrust it to your sidebar or footer.

Edit, modify, modify!

Help People Get Where They Want To Be Faster

Want to urge individuals to search even more of your website?

Make it simple for them.

  • Leverage on-site search with anticipating search, useful filters, as well as a maximized “no results found” web page.
  • Rework your navigating food selection as well as A/ B examination exactly how intricate vs. basic drop-down food selections impact your bounce rate.
  • Include a Table of Contents in your long-form short articles with support web links taking individuals directly to the area they wish to review.


Remember: Bounce prices are simply one statistics.

A high bounce rate does not imply completion of the globe.

Some properly designed, efficient websites have high bounce prices– which’s all right.

Bounce prices can be a procedure of exactly how well your website is doing, however it’s great to maintain them in context.

Hopefully, this post aided you identify what’s creating your high bounce rate, as well as you have a great concept of exactly how to repair it.

Not certain where to begin?

Make your website valuable, user-focused, as well as quickly– great websites bring in great individuals.

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